Would you buy Antwerp’s diamond-covered boots?

December 12, 2013

Would you buy Antwerp’s diamond-covered boots?

December 12, 2013 Alex


Manufacturers in Antwerp have provided consumers with a new way to appreciate and wear jewelery with their debut of diamond-covered boots. The “World’s Most Expensive Shoes,” unveiled by Antwerp World Diamond Centre,  are covered in a total of 1,550 carats of diamonds. 

The paisley-patterned black leather ankle boots are decked out in approximately 39,083 natural fancy colored champagne, gray, and pink diamonds and took over 30,000 working hours to produce. The price tag is set at $3.1 million.

The diamonds were selected from Antwerp-based companies Diarough/UNI-Design and A.F. Vandevorst. A.F. Vandevorst’s logo on the boots is made from rare reddish-pink diamonds.

The shoes made their debut at Business of Design Week in Hong Kong earlier this month.

The design:

vandevorstThe 1,550 ct. diamond-covered boots’ unveiling:

959C5278 model source

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