Should You Use Twitter for Your Jewelry Store?

August 11, 2017
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Should You Use Twitter for Your Jewelry Store?

August 11, 2017 Alex

Twitter for Your Jewelry Store

The reason you should consider Twitter for your jewelry store is that it can maximize returns while minimizing social media effort. Twitter is a popular platform that allows you to reach your target market by posting regularly about your offerings. Short tweets can go a long way if you provide your followers with an endless stream of posts that invite them to explore your website. Here’s a deeper look at how you can benefit using Twitter for your jewelry store.

Communicating on Twitter

In order to maximize Twitter for your jewelry store, you must stay actively engaged with your following on a daily basis. You need to respond promptly when others retweet or comment on your posts. If people like your posts on jewelry merchandise, they may retweet it to their followers, which is how you can attract new leads. In that sense, it’s possible for thousands of people outside your follower list to view your posts.

Followers can respond by sending you a direct message (DM). It’s best to respond directly to the DM the same day and to not rely on automated DMs, which can pile up like spam. You can also communicate with friends on Twitter by referring to their Twitter names in tweets. It may encourage jewelry designers or artists to retweet your message.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags are convenient tools for finding a similar crowd to communicate with or target audience to reach on Twitter. They simply involve using the number sign (#) and following it with a word that describes the topic you wish to share. It creates a link that connects you with others exploring that topic. An example would be how #diamonds is a hashtag that will connect you with people searching for or discussing diamonds.

Using hashtags on Twitter for your jewelry store is an easy way to showcase your merchandise to hundreds of followers. The hashtag will let you see the most recent posts about that subject matter. Links will only be made for hashtags that are already set up, so it’s a good idea to learn if you need to create certain hashtags on Twitter for your jewelry store.


One of the ways social media can attract leads is to use Twitter for your jewelry store to showcase specific jewels. Contact GemFind to learn more about how to make life easier using social media tools and other digital marketing techniques.

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