The History and Power of the Diamond

April 2, 2014
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The History and Power of the Diamond

April 2, 2014 Alex


Birthstone History

Gemstones became connected to specific months far back in history creating the birthstones we know and love. Wearing the stone of the month was thought to bring good luck and many people would even wear all twelve birthstones, alternating them for each month of the year. The American National Association of Jewelers designed official birthstones, a list dedicating different gems to various months, in 1912. Birthstones were once thought to just feed commercialism but are now widely accepted.
Birthstone ChartApril’s Birthstone
The diamond is April’s birthstone. The classic stone is thought to improve relationships and increase inner strength for the wearer. A symbol of eternal love, wearing diamonds is believed to bring other benefits such as balance, clarity and abundance.
The diamond has been called the king of all birthstones and makes a fantastic gift for an April birthday or any special
Healing Powers of the Diamond
Diamonds were popular even back in the Middle Ages when they were thought to hold healing powers and to cure ailments stemming from the pituitary gland and brain. It was believed that a heated diamond taken to bed could draw out harmful toxins from the body. Diamonds are also believed to have an effect on an individual’s balance and clarity and could boost their energy when combined with other crystals like amethyst.


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