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GemFind Weekly Newsletter May 16, 2017

GIA warns of ‘hybrid’ diamonds | Tiffany, Trump, Jewelers, and Politics | AWDC Annual Report 2016 | Cannes Film Festival 2017 | De Beers Reports $520M Provisional Rough Sales in Fourth Sight of 2017 | Come Visit GemFind at JCK Las Vegas! | and more!

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Bridal diamond rings

Which Styles of Bridal Diamond Rings are Popular this Season?

2017 Trends for Bridal Diamond Rings Classic bridal diamond rings, such as a single solitaire, remain timeless, but there are still other options to explore this season. Style and personality always come into play every bridal season since diamond ring decisions are

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Brick and Mortar Still Resonates with Consumers - GemFind

Brick and Mortar Still Resonates With Consumers

Consumer Buying Patterns are Changing… A new study published in December of 2016 by the Pew Research Center highlights vast changes in consumer buying habits in recent years. New technologies have led to drastic changes in the way consumers evaluate

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2017 website trends

Website Trends for 2017

Website design is a field that undergoes continuous change as it continues to incorporate new techniques and technologies. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that the trends of the present will not be the trends

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