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Call-To-Action Button

How to Create a Call-to-Action Button on Your Facebook Page

Creating a call-to-action button (CTA) on your Facebook Page only takes a few quick seconds to do. If you don’t have a CTA for your Page, look for the “Add Action Button” button where your future CTA will appear. After clicking that button, you’ll be

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Digital Marketing Social Media Engagement for the Jewelry Industry

3 Ways Jewelry Stores Can Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement It sounds more confusing than it actually has to be. As a business owner, you know the goal is to sell jewelry, but also to make your customers happy so they continue to come back to see

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Comments on Social Media

How to Respond to Negative Comments on Social Media

Regardless of the seamless experience you provide your customers and the hundreds or thousands of happy shoppers who will sing your praises, every small business will have a few unhappy customers who let their unhappiness be known. Unhappy customers leave

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