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GemFind Weekly Newsletter July 18, 2017

Diamond in the Ruff: Dog Eats $16K Ring | Topaz Disguised as Rough Diamonds | 10 Most-Read Stories of 2017 So Far | How to choose an engagement ring to suit your hand shape | How A Custom Jewelry Builder Can Boost Sales | and more!

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custom jewelry builder

How A Custom Jewelry Builder Can Boost Sales

If you’re an online jeweler and you want to see more traffic and sales, it helps to connect with the tools that can make that happen. Traffic usually doesn’t just come from luck or magic. You have to align with

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jewelry website remarketing

Why Remarketing is Crucial for Your Jewelry Website

A proven way for online jewelers to maximize Google AdWords campaigns is to use jewelry website remarketing. It’s a process that’s part of AdWords that allows you to serve ads to users that have visited your site in the past while they are

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gemfind weekly newsletter

GemFind Weekly Newsletter July 05, 2017

When is the Best Time of the Year to Buy a Diamond Ring? | Dubai Diamond Exchange | Reaching National and Local Customers | JewelCloud® | New Jewelry Designers at Couture and JCK Luxury | The Importance of Being Politically Active | and more!

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local customers

How to Reach National and Local Customers

Your online jewelry business can attract both national and local customers using various affordable marketing techniques such as local SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Building valuable unique content is also one of the foundations to a successful website that draws organic

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organized website

Why a Simple and Well-Organized Website Can Improve Your Sales

Online jewelry stores need to focus on crafting a simple easy-to-read and organized website to improve their sales. Navigation should also be simple so that new visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. Here are considerations to help improve the

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increase online presence

Ways to Increase the Online Presence of Your Jewelry Store

Owning an online jewelry store is exciting, but only if you do what it takes will you attract significant traffic. Key building blocks to this goal are search engine optimization (SEO) and jewelry industry tools that can modernize your website

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customer feedback

Best Ways to Get Customer Feedback

Your jewelry store can run more smoothly if you pay attention to customer feedback. These days, businesses depend on building relationships, so it’s best to keep in touch as closely as possible with customers. Here are reasons and ways to

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Mother's Day Jewelry Sales

How to Maximize Your Mother’s Day Jewelry Sales

Your online jewelry store can experience a surge in Mother’s Day jewelry sales if you run the right online promotions. Two of the keys that can make this Mother’s Day memorable are customization and personalization. For example, offering to engrave a mother’s name on jewelry is a service that many shoppers are looking for. Here are some ways that GemFind and digital marketing can not only maximize your online sales, but also drive customers into your store.

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Pin Important Posts

Pin Important Posts to the Top of your Page on Your Facebook Page

When you post new content to your Facebook Business Page, older posts drop down your Timeline. However, you may need a particular post to stay at the top of your page for longer — even after you publish new posts. To do this, Facebook

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