How to Use Social Media to Create Repeat Customers

April 18, 2017

How to Use Social Media to Create Repeat Customers

April 18, 2017 GemFind Marketing

repeat customersEveryone knows that repeat customers are the best customers you can ask for. They are extensively more valuable to your business because they get to know your brand, your message, your employees, your products or services, and they feel a sense of loyalty to you. That translates into making a lot more money with far less effort than what you pour into attaining new customers. In fact, it is commonly understood that the cost of finding and gaining new customers is more than 400% than that of maintaining a current customer. Therefore, it makes sense to focus marketing efforts on building and maintaining your current repeat customer database.

One of the best ways to target repeat customers and keep them coming back for more of your beautiful jewelry is through social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest offer unique advertising opportunities through both direct and indirect marketing campaigns. They are also a creative way to get your repeat customers engaged with your company and remind them why you are so great. Be sure to check out our posts on 3 Ways Jewelry Stores Can Increase Social Media Engagement and our Top 3 Pinterest Tips.

The most powerful way to use social media to create repeat customers is to start and continue to build a real relationship or friendship with them before and after each sale. Offer them “exclusive deals” for becoming your friend on Facebook or sharing your board on Pinterest in order to get them into your store. Once they make a purchase with that generous discount you gave them for becoming your new friend, reach back out to them on their page. Remember, customer service is key to overall customer satisfaction and most consumers tie their overall feelings about a purchase to the level of service they received during and after the sale. Take the time to let new customers know you appreciate that they chose your store and offer any assistance they need with their new jewelry purchase to convert them into valuable repeat customers.

Stay in the forefront of your customer’s minds by posting helpful tips like creative ways to store, wear or clean their jewelry on social media. Make sure to optimize the success of those posts and gain even more repeat customers by sharing them across all of your social media platforms. Don’t be afraid to include videos of you to YouTube and Facebook showcasing your jewelry and creative ways to wear it to keep your repeat customers coming back for more.

The GemFind team can get your company on social media, engage your fans and followers, and build loyalty. We have dedicated social media experts that  would love to bring repeat customers to your business. Contact us now to set up a free evaluation!

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