Second Wives Get Bigger Engagement Ring

November 4, 2013
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Second Wives Get Bigger Engagement Ring

November 4, 2013 Alex

Divorced women looking to remarry may have something big(ger) to look forward to: Wives of second marriages get significantly more expensive engagement rings, a survey of British men who have been married more than once revealed.

The average cost of an engagement ring in a first marriage was ÂŁ821 ($1,395), but the figure jumped to ÂŁ2,050 ($3,294) for the second marriage.

The survey reports the average engagement ring cost for third wives is even higher at ÂŁ3,003, or $4,825.

Almost half of the men cite having more faith in the new relationship as a reason for the jump in price. Other reasons include more wealth and new wives with expensive tastes.

Second husbands spent less time shopping for the ring. About half let the wife pick the ring out herself, compared to just 30 percent for the first marriage.

Despite the jump in spending, about one in ten of second husbands “re-gifted” the engagement ring from their first marriage to their second wife.


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