How To Select The Perfect Color Scheme For Your Website

September 23, 2016

How To Select The Perfect Color Scheme For Your Website

September 23, 2016 GemFind Marketing

In recent years a number of studies have linked color schemes to consumer perception of your brand. Whether it is the color of your logo, or the whole scheme of your interactive website, the colors you choose will determine whether your site is enticing and inviting or too edgy for your brand. The perfect color scheme for your luxury jewelry branding should be congruent with your current brand image.

What’s In A Color?

Studies show that different colors create strong emotional responses in viewers. Consider the following colors and their associated descriptors:

  • White is pure, clean, and fresh
  • Black is elegant and upscale
  • Grey is mature and comforting

The colors you choose should be a reflection of not just your online products, but your business as a whole. This helps establish a brand image that can be carried across multiple advertising avenues.

Choose Several Complementary Colors

In order to set off the different features of your interactive website, consider choosing three to four colors that complement one another. While some companies rely heavily on a plain white background, others choose to add colors that set off the individual product photos. A high contrast color for the text allows your visitors to easily read and navigate your site, and a third color adds accents to your menus and headings. This helps break up your page and provide a more interesting look.

Color Scheme Tools

There are several programs available online today which help you choose a color scheme using tested methods for compatibility and design. Simply start by choosing a single color, and the software will recommend two to three other colors that will fit well into your page. A good rule is to have about 1/3 of your web page made up of contrasting elements while 2/3 of the page are just background colors This keeps the page from looking too busy.

The right color combination will assist in helping the user stay on your site and more effectively navigate through your online products.  To get a more thorough analysis of your website branding and color choices, please feel free to contact one of our experts today.  Click here to make your for your free demo.

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