Why a Simple and Well-Organized Website Can Improve Your Sales

June 23, 2017
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Why a Simple and Well-Organized Website Can Improve Your Sales

June 23, 2017 Alex

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Online jewelry stores need to focus on crafting a simple easy-to-read and organized website to improve their sales. Navigation should also be simple so that new visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. Here are considerations to help improve the presentation and sales of your jewelry site.

Pros of an Organized Website

Your website needs to be easy on the eyes since internet users typically don’t spend much time on sites that look too complex. While attention span may be longer once people find the content they’re looking for, online surfers have learned that alternatives are just seconds away if they’re too confused by a site’s complexity. Bounce rate studies show that many online users only give a site five to twenty seconds before deciding to leave if the site loads too slowly or seems difficult to navigate.

One way to keep the navigation and appearance simple is to use easily understood call to action buttons. Examples such as “buy now” or “get details” provide instant clarity for users and direct them toward key landing pages. Use of simple visuals on an organized website speed up the navigation process.

Another way to simplify the appearance of an organized website is to add jewelry industry tools provided by GemFind. These valuable resources can enhance the user experience by making it quick and easy to find specific jewelry. DiamondLink, for example, is virtual showroom based on merchandise you choose from suppliers. RingBuilder is another innovative tool that lets your customers design their own engagement rings. Other tools that stimulate curiosity include PendantBuilder and StudBuilder.

Lowering Your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a metric that you want to keep as low as possible. It reflects the percentage of visitors who leave your site after visiting just one page. One way to lower bounce rate is to improve the appearance of your organized website. Here are specific tips to keep people on your site longer:

  • Use white space to direct attention toward content elements
  • Provide colorful imagery to attract attention
  • Emphasize important content with headings and subheadings


The key to a successful jewelry store website is to offer a wealth of content that is well-organized so that users think of your site as a portal to their dreams. GemFind can help you build a modern, viable and organized website so that your sales funnel is an enjoyable experience for your customers. For more information, please contact us.

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