Why You Need Off-Page SEO For Your Jewelry Website

September 1, 2017
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Why You Need Off-Page SEO For Your Jewelry Website

September 1, 2017 GemFind

Off-Page SEO For Your Jewelry Website

Online jewelers can benefit by learning the differences between on-page and off-page SEO for your jewelry website. While on-page involves your site’s content and how it is structured, off-page encompasses how other sites can affect your site’s authority, particularly through backlinks. Here are ways to improve off-page SEO for your jewelry website.

Domain Authority

An important indicator of a website’s strength is domain authority, which can be found on Moz, Domain authority is a ranking from 1-100 based on link quality, how fast the website loads and domain longevity. It factors into off-page SEO for your jewelry website because it potentially reveals how authority sites view your importance. Even though domain longevity matters, backlinks that come from quality and relevant sources are much more crucial.

While you cannot control which sites link to your site, it’s essential to avoid link swapping schemes if the links come from inferior sites. Examples of inferior sites are those with thin content, dead links and malicious links. Some sites only exist as “link farms,” which search engines often penalize. You absolutely should not pay for links, because it’s a practice that distorts popularity frowned upon by search engines.

How To Improve Off-Page SEO

One of the most valuable ways to utilize off-page SEO for your jewelry website is simply to create unique and meaningful content in which other sites will want to link. Keep in mind that only a small percentage of websites have high domain authority scores due to backlinks. Many inexperienced marketers often assume that link quantity is all that matters, when the truth is that link quality is much more important.

Another way to improve off-page SEO for your jewelry store is to share your content on social media. The more it’s shared by others, the more it will let search engines know that your content is valued by others. Your content can also get more visibility by asking influencers in your industry to link to your site. Guest blogs on high authority sites can also produce quality links back to your site.


Ultimately, if you practice off-page SEO for your jewelry websites, you can attract more traffic and be seen as more influential by Google. By making sure that you have plenty of authoritative sites linking to your website, your domain authority is sure to improve significantly. GemFind specializes in both on and off-page SEO, and offer various services to help increase your digital marketing strategies. For more information, contact GemFind!



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