GemFind Weekly Newsletter August 1, 2017

August 1, 2017
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GemFind Weekly Newsletter August 1, 2017

August 1, 2017 Alex


  How to Use Instagram for Your Jewelry Store

Gaining a competitive edge can be achieved with Instagram for your jewelry store. A major key is to focus more on engagement through social media with customers instead of strictly going for sales.

Old fashioned pitches are unreliable online, whereas building relationships increases the odds of conversions. Here are reasons why visual social networks such as Instagram are worth your time exploring.

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US Sanctions on Russia: Diamond Impact Unclear                 August 01   

US President Donald Trump has said he intends to sign off on sanctions against Russia, but the diamond trade is still in the dark over how the move could affect the industry. The Belgian market bought $2.1 billion of goods from Alrosa last year, accounting for about 45% of the Russian miner’s revenues, according to financial statements the company released in April. 

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The IDEX Online Polished Price Report – July 2017
IDEX                   August 01    

As with round stones, fancy diamonds saw slightly more price movements than in previous months, and those that did occur were largely downwards, especially for items of half a carat and below. Diamonds in the 0.30-0.39-carat category in D-I, IF-SI2 goods posted declines of 1-3 percent, 

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Rio Tinto Debuts Biggest Red Diamond in Tender History

National Jeweler              July 27

There were at least two things to learn at Rio Tinto’s preview of its 2017 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, held Wednesday in New York. Number one: this year’s sale of rare colored diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia contains the biggest fancy red diamond in the tender’s 33-year history. 

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A BRIEF GUIDE TO FROSTED DIAMONDS                    The Israeli Diamond Industry              August 01

Frosted rough diamonds  have a translucent film, and at first sight they may look like small hail stones. This does not mean they are of lower quality. They are mainly found in river beds, beaches and ancient estuaries through alluvial mining.   

Industry Sets Up Internat’l Diamond Monitoring Committee to Keep Natural, Synthetic Apart
The Diamond Loupe  July 31

From the India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) in Mumbai, GemKonnect reports on the formation of the International Diamond Monitoring Committee (IDMC), an initiative intended to ensure the separation of natural diamonds from synthetics as they pass through the diamond pipeline to the retail counter. 

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Masterpiece London 2017: The Best Of The Best Jewels

The Jewelry News Network   July 21

My first trip to the Masterpiece London art fair, held June 28 – July 5, was short but nevertheless fruitful. There were 16 firms that presented jewelry at the annual art fair. They was a lot of diversity among contemporary and modern jewelry designers and branded firms that sell both period and modern pieces, 

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Bulgari launches two very special secret Monete watches
The Jewellery Editor        July 31

Passionate about the narrative potential of ancient coins and the rich historic patina of these vestiges of empire, Nicola Bulgari – great grandson of founder Sotirios Bulgari – began mounting coins in jewellery. 

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Lab-Grown Diamonds Vs. Earth-Mined: Cost, Quality And Environmental Differences

International Business Time    July 27

Conflict diamonds get their name from the areas where they’re mined: places plagued by poverty, unsafe working conditions and sometimes even outright war. Mining the gems also has a significant environmental impact.

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Mixed Picture on Industry Crime
JCK  July 31
The Jewelers’ Security Alliance preliminary crime report painted a mixed picture for the first six months of 2017, with the number of incidents rising slightly, but dollar losses dropping. Overall, the JSA recorded 551 incidents in the first half, up from 528 in the first half of 2016, but below 2015’s tally of 562.

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Silver Probes: Brief Review
 Jewago   July 29
From ancient times, the silver was considered not only the precious metal, but also the material possessing the magical and health-giving properties. There was even period in the history when silver was valued more than gold! Nowadays the variety of silver jewels is enormous. 

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