GemFind Weekly Newsletter July 11, 2017

July 11, 2017

GemFind Weekly Newsletter July 11, 2017

July 11, 2017 Alex




Why Remarketing is Crucial for Your Jewelry Website

A proven way for online jewelers to maximize Google AdWords campaigns is to use jewelry website remarketing. It’s a process that’s part of AdWords that allows you to serve ads to users that have visited your site in the past while they are surfing the internet on other sites. Here’s how remarketing can help your conversions. Read More 


The Future of  Retail Jewelry

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CAR Claims Diamond Smuggling Slowing                    July 10

A report by Global Witness last month claimed sellers and middlemen were negotiating deals through Facebook, WhatsApp and other online platforms. The organization based its findings on a year-long undercover investigation. 

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Diamond Services: Tiny Man-Made Stones Uncovered In New York Lab
IDEX                   July 11

Multiple single-cut diamonds, sized from a quarter point to half a point (0.0025-0.005 carats), set in jewelry and recently submitted for testing to a Diamond Services laboratory have been found to be synthetic,

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Patek Philippe’s Grand Exhibition Opens in NY This Week

National Jeweler           July 11

Centuries of Patek Philippe’s watchmaking history soon will be on display in New York City. The brand’s The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition New York opens Thursday at Cipriani 42nd Street, 

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The Scary Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of
Edahn Golan July 06 
For years the diamond industry’s outward attitude to lab-grown goods was that these stones were some sort of fake. Even the nickname given them expresses that disdain – “synthetics.” Yet underneath this expression of disrespect lies a deep sentiment, a real feeling that one can almost smell 
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The Israeli Diamond Industry   July 11

In a recent article titled “Support Services: Transporting Diamonds”, Ehud Laniado gets into an in-depth description of how diamonds – one of the most precious commodities in the world – are transported safely worldwide,

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JA New York’s New Designer Gallery At a Glance
National Jeweler             July 11 
The upcoming JA New York Summer show will feature 10 emerging brands that are either exhibiting for the first time or are still new to the jewelry trade show circuit as part of the show’s New Designer Gallery. Each brand will be eligible to win the Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year Award, 
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$1.4M Argyle Diamond ‘Trilogy’ Coins Sold Within Weeks

The Diamond Loupe         July 07 

The Argyle diamond coin trilogy sold within a month, according to a press release from Rio Tinto. “The Australian Trilogy”, is an US$1.4 million (AUD$1.8 million) one-of-a-kind coin collection featuring a pink, purple pink and violet diamond 

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OPINION: Millennials and the retail make-over
Professional Jeweller July 11  
Technology and millennials have made a sizeable impact on the retail industry to date, however, technology expert Ian Thompson believes the coming years will see the age group revamp the retail trade.

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Jewelry Brands – What Do You Know about Them?
Jewago July 06
In the course of history, the painters and artists have been creating things that were adored and admired by people for many centuries. Here the jewelry art is not an exception!

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