GemFind Weekly Newsletter March 28th, 2017

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M.M Diamonds International Joins JewelCloud®

GemFind, the leading technology provider to the jewelry industry, is excited to welcome M.M Diamonds International, the newest dealer to add their diamonds to the industry’s fastest growing social product network. With JewelCloud®, M.M Diamonds International can better reach their retailers and feed products straight to retail websites, and retailers can provide a full, current inventory to their customers. Read More


The Future of  Retail Jewelry

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2 Jewelers Arrested for Allegedly Selling Counterfeit Goods
National Jeweler                 March 28

Two jewelers in Miami were arrested by police earlier this month for allegedly selling counterfeit goods in their store. The Miami-Dade Police Department, Northside District said it arrested Tania Varona, 57, on March 7 and Jimmy Hernandez, 40, on March 21. The two are co-owners of a jewelry store called The Lord of the Rings.

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Lab Using Nanotech for Emerald Traceability
Diamonds. net               March 28

Gübelin Gem Lab has unveiled a radical solution for tracing the origin of emeralds, using nanotechnology to mark stones with an invisible imprint that is accessible at any stage of the supply chain.Branded the “emerald paternity test,” the technology is a “true game-changer for the colored-gemstone industry,

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BaselWorld Show Celebrates Centenary Edition

 IDEX                     March 27

The 100th edition of the Baselworld watch and jewelry show began on Thursday and continues until March 30. Exhibitor numbers are reportedly down to around 1,300 from 1,500 last year.The number of exhibitors of loose diamonds and gemstones has fallen in recent years, 

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Diamond Industry’s Famous Hungry Crocodile Doesn’t Cut It  Bloomberg                            March 27

The diamond industry’s most famous chart is the hungry crocodile, the ancient reptile’s jaws wide open, reflecting both a predicted shortage of gems and the inevitable price rises that will come with it.   

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Edahn Golan Delivers US Retail Market Insights at AWDC Café
The Diamond Loupe           March 27
Speaking at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) Café – a monthly guest lecture series at AWDC – diamond industry analyst Edahn Golan addressed the latest trends in the U.S. retail jewelry market. 
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Faidee’s Latest Masterpiece Is The $35 Million ‘Grand Phoenix’ Ruby Necklace

Jewelry News Network        March 27

One could say that the latest Faidee creation is an expression of the esteemed company’s 100-plus year history spanning four generations. The family owned firm that specializes exclusively in Burmese rubies unveiled “The Grand Phoenix” 

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Throw Rocks at Girls” Jewelry Billboard Sparks Controversy
JCK                          March 27

Spicer Greene Jewelers in Asheville, N.C., is finding itself at the center of a controversy over a billboard it’s currently running that features colorful gemstones floating around the phrase, “Sometimes, it’s ok to throw rocks at girls…” 

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Here are the new Rolex releases of Baselworld 2017: 

Jonathan Fine Jewelery      March 22

Every year, Rolex puts out new watches for Baselworld that tend to define the upcoming trends in the fine watch world. Last year it was a ton of rose gold, and this year it’s about Cerachrom bezels, jubilee bracelets, and 50 year anniversaries! 

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Big diamonds are big business
 Financial Times  March 22
“ I’d love to say we’re going to sell it next week, but we have to find the right buyer.” Mr Lamb is referring to the Lesedi La Rona — at 1,109ct, the second-largest gem-quality rough diamond ever discovered. Read More


JewelCloud Member Spotlight 

Lashbrook is a manufacturer and designer of men’s wedding bands. Lashbrook employs over 80 of the best technicians, artists, customer service, and marketing specialists in the industry. >>>>

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Facet Definition: What You Need to Know
RapNet Blog             March 28
Every facet on a diamond fulfills a specific function. The crown facets are the ‘windows’ of the diamond which let light enter and exit a diamond. The pavilion facets are the ‘work horses’ that reflect light back through the crown facets. Read More
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