How to Maximize Your Mother’s Day Jewelry Sales

May 6, 2017
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How to Maximize Your Mother’s Day Jewelry Sales

May 6, 2017 Alex

mother's day jewelry salesYour online jewelry store can experience a surge in Mother’s Day jewelry sales if you run the right online promotions. Two of the keys that can make this Mother’s Day memorable are customization and personalization. For example, offering to engrave a mother’s name on jewelry is a service that many shoppers are looking for. Here are some ways that GemFind and digital marketing can not only maximize your online sales, but also drive customers into your store.

Shining Brighter with Inbound Marketing

The fastest way to benefit from online exposure to increase Mother’s Day jewelry sales is with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Specifically, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are two quick routes to reaching your target audience in a short time. You must use appropriate concise messages in your headlines and corresponding messages with clear call to action (CTA) statements. The CTAs should direct followers to your landing pages. Here are more tips to maximize your PPC campaign:

  • choose appropriate keywords that reflect specific products
  • enhance your campaign with PPC marketing tools
  • study analytics and refine your content
  • use customer testimonials to support your products
  • make sure your ads look attractive on various mobile devices

Search Engine Optimization

As for other inbound marketing methods, such as SEO, you need to be patient and hope that your pages show up by next year to attract Mother’s Day jewelry sales. That’s how long it can take for search engines to fully pick up on your content. But the reason this strategy is still worth pursuing is that it can someday translate into free online publicity.

Make sure the pages are timeless so that they can drive traffic to your site year after year. It’s a good idea to create timeless pages for all the holidays and special events on your calendar. Then use PPC to increase Mother’s Day jewelry sales and other special sales for short-term promotions.

Ideas for Mother’s Day Promotions

A major key to boosting your Mother’s Day jewelry sales will be to make it easy for people to find information on your site about these suggested items:

  • personalized rings or bracelets
  • customized necklaces with birthstones
  • heart-shaped necklace with family photo
  • jewelry box with engraved message
  • hand stamped jewelry


If you want to increase your Mother’s Day jewelry sales, GemFind can help you find the Mother’s Day gifts your clients are looking for. We can also enhance your site with online marketing tools and platforms that make it easy for your customers to shop and make purchases.

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