10 Ideas for Marketing Jewelry Online

February 9, 2016
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10 Ideas for Marketing Jewelry Online

February 9, 2016 GemFind Marketing


Conveying the quality and beauty of a piece of jewelry online requires a unique set of marketing strategies and an innate knowledge of what your target customer wants. These insider marketing ideas can simplify the marketing aspect of your jewelry business so you can focus on growing your inventory to meet the new demand.

  1. Keep it simple.Your website should feature clean lines and an appropriate balance between visual interest and open space. A simple site draws the viewer’s eye to the product and away from the fine print.
  2. Focus on photography.Ensure each piece of jewelry is photographed from every angle so your customers feel as if they’ve seen it in person when they’re done browsing the photos on your website. Take photographs on a white or dark, plan backdrop with an abundance of natural light.
  3. Improve your SEO.Working with a platform that ranks high in relevant searches is the first step in optimizing your traffic from search engines. The next step is learning everything you can about SEO and applying that knowledge to your site.
  4. Provide the specs.Take special care to include the details for every piece of jewelry you offer, including measurements, carat weight, gemstone color and clarity, and metal type.
  5. Provide more than a product. Share with your customers helpful tips and tricks through blog posts, articles, or simply “shares” from non-competitors. You can spark your customers’ interest and desire to buy by sharing information on the latest trends in jewelry or providing advice on pairing jewelry with day and night wear.
  6. Supplement your marketing efforts with social media.Keeping active, engaging Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business can increase website traffic and keep your items fresh on the minds of your client base.
  7. Infuse history or a personal touch.Jewelers who share the story of their brand establish trust with their customers. Whether your story is that you’re the fourth generation to own the shop or that you rose from rags to riches to achieve your dreams, it’s sure to create a lasting impression on your customers.
  8. Consider offering promotions and giveaways.Free shipping promotions or annual giveaways can increase your exposure and sales. Consider offering discounts and promotions from time to time to keep customers coming back to look for a good deal.
  9. Show your appreciation.Develop areferral program to allow new customers to share the name of those who referred them. Follow up by providing loyal customers who refer new customers with a special thank you, such as a gift of jewelry, a gift card, or fresh flowers.
  10. Brand yourself.Hire a graphic designer to create an engaging, memorable logo, and incorporate it on every page of your website, every email confirmation, and every jewelry box. Using a “permanent campaign” – one that stays with your business from day one – can also speak to your customers and help you establish a strong brand presence.
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