How to Make Your Jewelry Website More Interactive

September 8, 2017
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How to Make Your Jewelry Website More Interactive

September 8, 2017 GemFind


how to make your jewelry website more interactive

Interactivity is one of the keys to building an online community. The more your online jewelry site invites participation with followers, the more chances people will have to spend time with it. Some of the interaction can be driven by technology, such as online contact forms and other web applications. Another technique involves using effective call to action (CTA) statements. Here are ways to create a fun, interactive experience for your growing audience.

Techniques for Inspiring Interactivity

Even a simple website can become interactive if it provides content that peaks their interest, and allows them to become connected through social media or contact forms. You don’t need special web applications to conduct surveys on your site. It can all be done through email or social media, as long as you use effective CTAs.

An important aspect of an interactive website is to set up a contact page, where people can find out more information about the company, as well as submit questions they may have. Whenever you want people to respond, refer them to your contact page or use a direct link to lead them to some form of electronic communication. Here are ways to encourage visitors to interact with your web properties:

  • invite visitors to ask their own questions on a Q&A page
  • offer a free prize for people who participate in a survey
  • ask a popular blogger if you can write a guest blog
  • interview other online thought leaders so they’ll link to your site
  • create your own regular interactive blog, podcast or newsletter
  • encourage customers to post reviews

Online Jewelry Store Web Tools

There are plenty of web tools you can use to enhance and encourage website interactivity. GemFind creates web applications such as JewelCloud, DiamondLink and RingBuilder, that bring the services that would be offered in the jewelry stores, onto the web. JewelCloud, for example, is an excellent tool for running your online jewelry store from one platform, by syncing inventory from vendors onto the retail jewelers’ website. It allows customers to have convenient access to the jewelry they are looking for, and for jewelry retailers to reach a broader audience. JewelCloud can be catered to each retailers inventory and what they would like to be shown on their website.


Before you start building your interactive jewelry website, envision how your audience will be using your site. Do you want people to ask direct questions through emails, contact forms, or social media? Once you decide on how you want to spend your time communicating with your followers, you are ready to implement interactive technology. Visit to learn more about how you can bring your jewelry store online, and how you can connect with your customers through your website, app, or social media page.


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