Looking Smart with Smart Jewelry

Looking Smart with Smart Jewelry

January 7, 2014 Alex

Jewelry says something about the wearer to others. But with a new line of Bluetooth smart jewelry, a fashion accessory can convey messages to the wearer.


(Photo courtesy of CSR.)

Cambridge, England-based chip maker CSR recently announced their Bluetooth smart jewelry, the latest in wearable technology. Early innovators in this arena include Galaxy Gear and their smart watches and Blackberry’s Pearl tacking ball. But according to an article in The Verge, these first-comers in the high-tech meets high-fashion world had issues with “clumsy designs and poor interfaces” and in Blackberry’s case, “hackable” wearable technology.

Pendant 2(Photo courtesy of CSR.)

CSR’s Bluetooth Smart chip CSR1012 is at the heart of the company’s new Bluetooth jewelry. But all tech and no design finesse would make for smart jewelry that’s a dumb idea. That’s why CSR collaborated with boutique jeweler Cellini Jewellers (also based in Cambridge) on this project to create at least two smart looking Bluetooth pendant designs strung on leather cords.


Click on the image to view a video on CSR’s new Bluetooth jewelry.

In keeping pace with technology and the demands of jewelry consumers, the Bluetooth jewelry has customizable features that personalize the Bluetooth jewelry including choosing different LED colors for various notifications (for example, blue for emails, green for text messages and other options). The wearer can also change colors and the mood of piece as well. And, the new Bluetooth jewelry works with the major operating systems of leading smart phones on the market.

CSR will debut its new Bluetooth jewelry at this week’s international 2014 CES tech trade show in Las Vegas where the company will demonstrate how their Bluetooth jewelry works with Apple and Android products. Apps for both devices have also been developed to increase the functionality and features of CSR’s new Bluetooth jewelry.


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