How to Increase Engagement on your Jewelry Website

November 29, 2016

How to Increase Engagement on your Jewelry Website

November 29, 2016 GemFind Marketing

website engagementWebsite engagement is a very important part of how much ROI you get from your jewelry site. It is typically measured in terms of how much time visitors spend on your site, how much of their time is spent actively navigating versus idly sitting on a page, and how far into your site they dig before leaving. Since these are all measurable metrics, they provide a great way to set goals for user engagement going forward. Here are a few ways to reach those goals:

Test Multiple Layouts for Increased Engagement

If you have a lot of visitors making it to your landing page, but few of them are following through to make purchases, you may need to test a few different page layouts at the same time. A/B testing is one way to present two versions of your site to real audiences and determine which version gets more engagement. For instance, one site may have a content flow with strong calls to action and large images of your most popular products, while the other may offer a softer selling technique and more emphasis on educating visitors about different gem and metal options. You may find that the informational site gets longer website engagement times but fewer sales, while the other site closes more deals but doesn’t offer the same level of depth. Your goal will be to balance these two aspects to achieve the highest level of website engagement and efficiency.

Push People Into Your Conversion Funnel

Your jewelry site is designed to draw people in and get them all the way through the design and purchase phases. In order to make this happen you need to engage and direct them from the second they hit your landing page. Website engagement gets a major boost when you allow users to click or scroll through pages in an orderly and logical flow. Don’t make them search for the information they want, feed it to them one piece at a time so they can digest it and move forward.

These are just two of the ways you can push your website engagement over the top. As you test out different site designs and break down your content into easy to follow steps you will find that your website engagement increases naturally. Keep your eyes out for our next blog on more tips and tricks to improve engagement on your site! In the mean time, check out how our Interactive Web Apps Increase Consumer Engagement. Without further ado, you can read the second half of this article here.

If you are interested in improving your jewelry website, then look no further. GemFind has website design experts who are familiar with the jewelry industry and ready to assist you. Contact us today to set up an evaluation and lets get started improving your website!

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