What Type of Holiday Content Should Your Jewelry-Store Blog Publish?

What Type of Holiday Content Should Your Jewelry-Store Blog Publish?

October 26, 2016 GemFind Marketing

holiday-blog-contentA blog is a valuable promotional tool for your online jewelry store especially during the holiday selling season. By posting on your blog you can build a trusted online audience, establish yourself as an expert, and increase your web presence. But when it comes to writing your jewelry store blog, what types of content should you publish?

How To Posts

Well written, informative instructional posts are likely to bring in a lot of Google traffic. These posts are also big for fans who want tips on jewelry care or achieving a certain holiday look. For a jewelry store blog this could be content such as “How to Clean and Polish Your Sterling Silver Jewelry” or “How to re-create our holiday look.” These types of tutorials or informational posts are always trending across social media. Look for relevant hashtags and make sure you are including those in your updates so they are easily found by new potential customers. Also, if your readers find your guides useful they will return to your blog again and again

Special Guest Posts

Another powerful type of post is a guest post, written by a well known fashion blogger. Not only will this lend a lot of authority and interest to your blog, but it will also bring you more traffic as that influential blogger’s audience will come to visit your site and potentially buy. Since influencer marketing is huge right now – even for the minor leagues are driving traffic. Therefore, look to bloggers who are pushing out great content with a loyal fans base instead of the major players who will charge you a fortune to work with them.

Seasonal Trend Posts

Stay up to date on the hottest fashion, holiday trends and publish a post about them as soon as possible. If you are one of the ones to talk about the trend first, your post is likely to be shared on social media. You can set-up an account with a third-party like Mention to listen for trends for you and send you daily or weekly reports. Or simply, set some alerts within Google alerts for e-mail updates.

At GemFind we create interactive websites and quality blogs for the jewelry industry. We can create high quality content for your brand and do all of the social listening for you so you are able to focus more of your time on other things. To find out more, on how our digital marketing experts can help you get noticed during the holiday season please contact us today.

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