Top 5 Reasons Your Jewelry Website Needs a Blog

February 20, 2017
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Top 5 Reasons Your Jewelry Website Needs a Blog

February 20, 2017 GemFind Marketing

GemFind - Jewelry Store BlogThere are many reasons why your online jewelry business can benefit from a jewelry store blog. The key is to offer unique information that cannot be found on several other sites. The more your blog gains authority with search engines, the better chances it has at driving traffic to your website. Here are five key reasons you site needs a blog.

1. Build Your Unique Brand

A blog is the perfect way to build brand awareness, since you can constantly link it in various ways to lifestyle and existing experiences in popular culture. The block allows you to showcase your personality and knowledge, which will help create perceptions of the brand.

2. Keep Followers Updated On Your Offerings

Your entire inventory can be showcased over time in a jewelry store blog series. Each blog can focus on a unique type of jewelry. The content helps inform the audience about your products and why they are special. The more you can inspire people to imagine their own designs, the more useful and valuable your blog can become for collectors.

3. Use as a Marketing Hub and SEO Asset

Once your blog becomes familiar it can serve as the hub of your marketing efforts. You can use your blog to direct followers to other online properties, such as your social media profile and product landing pages. Not only can a jewelry store blog series grow into an index of your industry’s intelligence, it can create many opportunities for your web pages to appear in search rankings.

4. Create Personalized Experiences

Your jewelry store blog should provide opportunities for readers to respond publicly or privately to your comments. This interaction creates a personalized experience that can help to establish trust and loyalty. It helps you build an organic target audience.

5. Use Feedback as Market Research

One of the most strategic reasons to start a jewelry store blog is the amount of analytics it will generate so that you can study your audience. This data will help you determine your strongest content and what types of content to emphasize.


Every online jeweler needs to give followers reasons to keep coming back to their site. One way to gain a loyal following is to offer a jewelry store blog series that educates prospects about the industry. Let GemFind help you achieve this. We can not only write and manage your blog content for you, but also provide SEO and other digital marketing services. Contact us today and lets discuss how to enhance your online jewelry business!


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