Know What Your Customers Want Before They Come Into Your Store

May 26, 2017
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Know What Your Customers Want Before They Come Into Your Store

May 26, 2017 Alex

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Selling jewelry online makes life easier for customers to research your inventory from the comfort of their homes. Ultimately, your business will do better if you use a call to action for them to make a jewelry appointment. Here are other strategies for increasing sales with your website.

Planning Your Calendar

The jewelry business has seasonal dynamics, so it’s a good idea to plan your calendar for certain periods when traffic naturally increases and customers are more likely to make a jewelry appointment. Aside from the holidays, bridal season should be a top priority in your planning. Spring and fall offer the best opportunities for selling high-end jewelry, as June and September are usually the most popular months for weddings. January, February and March tend to have less weddings, but you can still use January for after Christmas sales, February as Valentine’s specials and March for the spring forward specials.

Knowing Which Jewelry Is Popular

It’s important for you as a jeweler to know which jewelry is popular, since trends change over time. The best way to quickly learn about trends in diamonds and gems is to visit authoritative industry sites such as National Jeweler,, Idexonline and JCK Online. You can also gauge popularity from your own market research through website analytics and customer feedback. Figure out what your top products are and then showcase them visually and prominently on your site. Be sure to include a “make a jewelry appointment” call to action on your landing pages.

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Create an Appointment Page

Your website should be unique from competitors, but one thing every jewelry store website can benefit from is a jewelry appointment page. This will be your golden opportunity to capture leads, either through a simple form, email or phone call. Make sure that you include your most relevant contact information on your site, at least on a “contact us” page.

Refer to your jewelry appointment page on your social media profiles periodically so that your followers develop a top of mind awareness that they can easily interact with you at their convenience. This strategy will increase the odds of jewelry appointment activity.


Building a website with special applications and tools designed with jewelry stores in mind, is essential. Learn more about GemFind’s interactive apps that lead to customers setting a jewelry appointment, as well as web design and digital marketing techniques for increasing your online visibility.


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