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January 27, 2013 Alex

There are many different types of interactive apps that you can have within your website to increase your consumers engagement. Here at GemFind, we have developed a variety of web applications that you can simply add to your website to help you achieve this. 

What is Consumer Engagement?

Consumer Engagement is the impression that a brand creates by interacting with consumers through a variety of digital marketing tools. The goal of the brand is to motivate the consumer to begin the 5 stages of the Consumer Buying Process.


Step 1: The Need Recognition Stage: The Consumer identifying a need. For Retail Jewelers this need will be based on emotion, life events, and geographic location for brick and mortars.

Step 2: The Information Search: 95% of consumers will research a product online before purchasing the product or service.

Step 3: The Evaluation of Alternatives: This is where your competitors are researched and evaluated in comparison to your products, services, customer reviews, pricing, geographic location, emotional reasoning, life’s events and timing etc.

Step 4: The Purchase Decision: The Consumer has selected the product and makes the purchase. The service and purchase experience that the Retail Jeweler provides during this process is extremely important.

Step 5: Post Purchase Behavior: After the purchase, the consumer will either be satisfied, or unsatisfied by their purchasing decision. Online Marketing Reviews within Google + and other Review Sources like Yelp is where you will find out whether or not your consumers are satisfied with your products and services.

What Does An Interactive Web App, Do For My Business?

By having interactive web applications on your website, your business can increase your consumer engagement. The longer a consumer stays on your website, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

A lot of online consumers will look through your various designer collections to find styles that would make them want to come to your store. Sales Associates will usually find out what their budget is and look for similar designs that match what the online consumer saw on your website, or social network profiles.

GemFind’s Interactive Web Apps & Online Marketing Services

Consumer Engagement can be achieved through Interactive Web Apps coupled with Online Marketing Services, Customized Brand Management Programs, & Social Media Campaigns.

Brand Management Programs include a Brand’s Website, Interactive Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Blogs, Social Media, Video and a pletheora of content generating sites, creating Brand Relevant Content.

Here are some of GemFind’s Interactive Digital Marketing Apps:

The GemFind Diamond Link

One of the key benefits of joining the GemFind Network is the ability to link our GF Diamond Link tool directly onto your website. GF Diamond Link enables your customers to search through over 60,000 loose diamonds in our network at their convenience. This not only gives you the ability to compete with virtually all online diamond sellers, but you can showcase all of the retail and wholesale diamonds in our network as your own without having to purchase them and they can be marked up as much as you desire.

Ultimately, this unique service gives you and your customers access to billions of dollars worth of diamonds that can be used to exponentially increase your profits.

Diamond Search Image

Experiential marketing along with digital and social media have an important place within consumer engagement efforts as they allow two-way consumer dialog. This can give a brand faster and more effective access to connect with consumers and allow brand and consumer to become collaborators on new products and marketing efforts.

Methods of measuring consumer engagement vary as widely as brands and business’ goals vary. Quantifiable metrics like number of targeted impressions and consumer replies as well as consumer attitudinal and behavior changes can be part of the measurement. Qualitative measures such as the ‘richness’ and personality of a brand’s interactions, can also be gauged.

A website is the best medium to communicate with users from all over the world. It is therefore essential, it should be designed in such a way that users should be attracted and be engaged on the site. This is when a website can reach its users effectively.

Designers have often wondered about the secret ingredient to make a website appealing. The combination of design and functionality is something every designer wishes to implement in a site. Many successful websites have one main secret ingredient, not every designer is aware about. That element is website interactivity.

The Ring Builder®

Ring Builder Image

GemFind’s new Ring Builder® offers jewelry industry professionals the following benefits:
Ring Builder® can be fully customized to match any existing website. Any color, logo or company name can be incorporated into Ring Builder® to provide seamless branding.
All jewelers can upload their own loose diamonds and integrate with mountings in Ring Builder®.

Ring Builder® is easy-to-use and fully integrated with an extensive virtual inventory of loose diamonds from and participating diamond dealers. This allows customers to select from the greatest inventory of loose diamonds and design their own ring online.

Integration with a jeweler’s existing shopping cart is easy. Customers can design their own engagement rings from single diamond solitaires to three stone rings from a variety of participating diamond dealers.

To request a free demo of any of our Web Applications, or Online Marketing Services, please contact us or call us directly at 1-800-373-4373. We look forward to helping your business grow in this New Frontier of Online Consumerism.

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