Ways to Increase the Online Presence of Your Jewelry Store

June 16, 2017
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Ways to Increase the Online Presence of Your Jewelry Store

June 16, 2017 Alex

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Owning an online jewelry store is exciting, but only if you do what it takes will you attract significant traffic. Key building blocks to this goal are search engine optimization (SEO) and jewelry industry tools that can modernize your website and make it easier for customers to find what they want. Here are important details to give your site a professional appearance and increase online presence.

Tapping Into SEO Magic

Successful SEO involves a certain amount of luck, since Google won’t disclose all the factors it uses to establish search rankings. But you will increase your odds the more you follow a certain golden rule, which is simply striving to offer valuable content. More specifically, you can increase online presence by implementing these strategies:

  • create content and titles based on niche keywords
  • publish a blog that showcases your expertise
  • make your site unique from competing sites
  • swap links with relevant sites

Even though Google keeps its search ranking criteria a secret, the search giant has consistently advised users to craft meaningful content. It’s important to avoid fluff, since search bots may consider it irrelevant. You must also avoid duplication of other sites or Google might penalize it as web spam. The most crucial factor to increase online presence in search engines is to establish yourself as an authoritative thought leader, which is what Google seeks to promote in its rankings.

Aside from SEO, you can increase online presence, traffic and conversions through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and other forms of marketing. Sharing links to your jewelry site through social media is very advantageous. Cross promoting other thought leaders in your blogs can help both parties.

Engagement Tools

GemFind can increase online presence in various ways through its suite of tools designed for online jewelers. A powerful tool, for example, is JewelCloud®, which allows you to easily manage your online jewelry products, inventory and interaction with both suppliers and customers. A great customization tool is RingBuilder®, which allows individuals to design their own engagement rings that they can talk about through social media. GemFind offers other tools that can easily integrate with your site and create a more amazing online experience.


Your jewelry store can boost traffic and conversions through SEO techniques and tools that enhance customer satisfaction and feedback. Learn more how GemFind can help you build your website and increase online presence through digital marketing and responsive jewelry store tools.

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