The Importance of Having an E-Commerce Website

October 5, 2016

The Importance of Having an E-Commerce Website

October 5, 2016 GemFind Marketing

e-commercePeople between the age 25-34 spend more on jewelry than any other age group (Golan, 2015). It’s interesting to note that these people are millennials, also otherwise known as digital natives. They have mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and they’re keen to use it for just about everything, including online shopping and e-commerce.

Considering the target market of your business, it makes perfect sense to build an e-commerce website on which you can showcase your luxury jewelry selection. When you have such a website, people don’t have to visit your store to buy something; they can simply connect to the internet and shop anywhere they are, whether they’re at home or at their favorite local hangout. They can closely inspect items based on photos, determine measurements from dimensions provided, and check product availability with just a click or two. That beats having to go out of their way to drop by only to find out that the item they want is not in stock, or doesn’t live up to expectations.

The idea here is to offer them more than luxury jewelry; it’s also to sell them convenience as part of the customer experience. And privacy as well, in case they want to be discreet with their purchases.

Understanding your target market like this gives you an opportunity to serve them better. This leads to improved customer satisfaction, which is a good way for increasing ROI. How so? When customers are happy with the product along with the service that came with it, they become loyal to your business. They return for repeat purchases, and they also encourage family and friends to do the same.

That’s a less obvious — but still quite significant — reason why an e-commerce website is important for a luxury jewelry store. Other resources will give you reasons such as bigger online presence, wider market reach, cheaper inventory maintenance. All these are true, but they’re all centered on what your business needs. To fully appreciate what an e-commerce website can do, turn the tables around and focus on what your customers need.

GemFind specializes in websites for jewelers. Our JewelCloud® application can allow you manage all of your data and product displays in an easy format for your online customers. We can help you with this whole process! To learn more click here.


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