How Google’s Hummingbird Changes Small Businesses Online

October 10, 2013

How Google’s Hummingbird Changes Small Businesses Online

October 10, 2013 Alex


Google recently celebrated its 15th birthday. To celebrate, Google released Hummingbird, the giant’s largest search algorithm update since 2001.

The change affects 90% of searches and aims to decipher through “fluff” content to deliver better, higher quality search results.

How the Hummingbird update works:

1. Instead of traditional keyword searches, it uses conversational searches to deliver more accurate search results. Hummingbird focuses on answers versus data

2. Pulls content from the web and creates a display on the search pages themselves, making it easier for users to find the information they need.

The update looks deeper into the meaning behind series of keywords to deliver better search results. Adding words to content just for the sake of getting better SEO rankings doesn’t have as much value anymore. Hummingbird is looking for answers to the questions users search.

Businesses need to consider all the ways a person may search to find their site. Content should expand to cover as many meanings as possible to rank higher in the Hummingbird algorithm.

Also as part of the update, Google pulls from other sites and displays related content in the sidebar, trying to keep users on their page for as long as possible. Whenever possible, Google will try to direct users to a Google property, such as YouTube, Play, Picasa, etc

Google scraping content may often eliminate the need for users to click over to the actual site. This change should challenge small businesses to create a better user-experience and offer something worth clicking over for.


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