How to Keep your Employees Happy During the Long Holiday Hours

December 13, 2016

How to Keep your Employees Happy During the Long Holiday Hours

December 13, 2016 GemFind Marketing

Happy Employees Holidays GemFindOne of the most important cornerstones of success for any jewelry company big or small is the success and happiness of that company’s employees. Expressions like “Invest in your employees, and they will invest in your company.” or “We are only as strong as our weakest link.” illustrate the need to have and maintain happy employees. This is particularly important during the holiday season. However, the holidays can prove this to be a more difficult feat due to longer hours, and more work to be done. If you are worried about maintaining happy employees during the holidays follow these three simple tips:

Empower Employees to Reach Outside their Comfort Zone

Forcing your employees to only have one job during the extended holiday hours can lead to boredom or burning out. To avoid this allow your staff to venture into new roles and responsibilities. Doing so will give them a sense of value and help them to grow. It will also prevent your happy employees from turning into resentful employees. Plus, it will give your staff a better appreciation for what their co-workers do.

Install a Sense of Ownership Among Employees

Requesting your happy employees to service and sell jewelry over extended hours during the holidays can lead to increased profits or staffing disasters. Keep them happy and prevent obstacles by giving your happy employees a sense of ownership in your store’s products and services. This will help keep them excited about selling your jewelry and providing the excellent customer service your customers should be accustomed to receiving from them.

Recognize and Reward Happy Employees

It is well known that employees perform better with incentives. Create contests over the highest sales numbers and offer rewards to those that perform best. Also consider offering rewards for employees that receive the best scores on customer feedback surveys for the non-sales staff so they don’t feel excluded. Remind them that the more hours they work, the more opportunities they will have to earn rewards. This will make the prospect of longer hours exciting rather than dreadful.

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