4 Chilling B2C Halloween Marketing Tips

October 19, 2016

4 Chilling B2C Halloween Marketing Tips

October 19, 2016 GemFind Marketing

Halloween Marketing StrategiesHalloween can be a frightening holiday for some, a fun holiday for others, and a profitable one for those who read the tips we’ve outlined below. Our bite-sized and easy to digest business-to-consumer (B2C) tips have only your jewelry customer in mind, so you won’t need to look any further.

Here are 4 freakishly, interactive ways that your jewelry business can make this Halloween work for you.

1. Spooky Snapchat Filters
Having a Halloween filter that features your brand will help you to stay in the forefront of customers mind. If you are trying to reach the millennials, Snapchat is the place to have your brands presence! This filter could be as simple as having a skeleton face implemented in with your Snapchat filters or a witches hat so, your fans can show themselves wearing your luxury jewelry items in a trendy way.

2. Enchanting Contests
If you want to get lots of engagement on your content either through Twitter or Facebook start a contest! There are several way you can do this and make it work for your brand while not incurring to much cost. A simple idea would be to create a Halloween themed costume contest on social media for your customers to engage with you. Mention that they are required to feature either your brands product or name in their pictures. Then make sure you include a custom Halloween, branded hashtag that they can use when they share their post. This will not only provide you with brand recognition, but it will help you search and index your participants in an easy way. Offer a gift card or Halloween inspired gift jewelry set as an incentive to get instant entries.

3. Haunted Videos
Since video content is one of the best ways to get customers engaged, create a spooky video of your staff members or your brands ambassador featuring your jewelry. Make sure to engage your viewers by telling a well crafted story. Consider letting them know of a sale that is going to be happening for Halloween or a special holiday inspired gift-set that may be available for purchase. Don’t underestimate the power of humor either, it’s a great way to get your video to go viral!

4. Eerie Emails
One of the most successful ways to reach clients is through email. Our clients tell us that they can’t wait to see what our next holiday inspired email template will look like, because they are always so uniquely designed and refreshingly informative. Get together with your team to create a powerful and memorable holiday email. This will get your customers to think of you during all of their holiday shopping needs. Good content makes shareable content.

As the holiday selling season approaches we will continue to push out great ideas for marketing campaigns that will assist you in getting the results you need! For more Halloween marketing strategies, tips and ideas we are here to help you. Contact one of our digital marketing jewelry strategist today.

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