GemFind Weekly Newsletter September 19, 2017

September 19, 2017
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GemFind Weekly Newsletter September 19, 2017

September 19, 2017 Alex


Why You Need Online Marketing for Your Jewelry Business

Once you’ve built your online jewelry store, the next step is to reach your target market and give them an amazing experience. While there are many ways to cut corners on a website, you must put as much effort as possible into promoting your site to generate leads and sales. Here are reasons why you need online marketing for your jewelry business, and how you can best maximize it.

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Jewelry Buyers Cautious at Hong Kong Show                   Sep. 18  

With one day left of the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, diamond-jewelry wholesalers at the show’s finished-goods section were less satisfied than their counterparts at the loose-diamond venue. The general feeling among exhibitors was that activity at the show was the same or slower than at last September’s event.

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American Organizations Start Jewelers Disaster Relief Fund
IDEX                      Sep.18
Jewelers of America and the Diamond Council of America have started the Jewelers Disaster Relief Fund through where contributions are tax deductible and 100 percent of proceeds will be distributed to independent jewelers who have been impacted severely by natural disasters. 
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7 Facts from De Beers’s 2017 Report on Diamonds

National  Jeweler       Sep. 18        

Much of what’s contained in De Beers’s 2017 Diamond Insight Report was foreshadowed by company executives at the annual Forevermark breakfast held during the Las Vegas jewelry shows back in June.There, Forevermark U.S. President Charles Stanley and Stephen Lussier, Forevermark’s London-based global CEO, 

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MORE WOMEN THAN EVER ARE NOW BUYING JEWELRY FOR THEMSELVES     The Israeli Diamond Industry                     Sep. 19

De Beers’ latest Diamond Insight Report 2017 features new research that sheds light on new motivations for diamond jewelry acquisitions, among them shifting relationship dynamics, women’s expanding roles in society and changing perceptions of femininity. 

If You’ve Got it, Flaunt it… or Not?
The Diamond Loupe  Sep. 18

According to a recent New York Times¬†article a percentage of affluent consumers are moving away from the ¬†‚ÄėIf you‚Äôve got it, flaunt it‚Äô¬†stereotype. Some even consider their wealth a burden, going as far as hiding the price tag of their recent purchases.

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Why Diamond Eternity Rings Are So Popular in Women Globally

Dazzling Rock             Sep. 19

Eternity rings, the rings that symbolize eternal or everlasting love, is a smart way of marking one’s life’s significant milestones. Whatever the setting, cut, color, carat, or clarity, these Diamond eternity ring are forever. This article talks about the celebration of love by presenting or wearing eternity rings. 

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Gone with the wind: Vivien Leigh’s jewels head to auction
The Jewellery Editor    Sep. 18

On 26th September, Sotheby’s London opens Vivien Leigh’s jewellery box to reveal 40 of her most precious possessions, including gifts from her second husband Laurence Olivier, or Larry as he was known to friends, to whom she was married from 1940-1960,

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George Daniels watch sets new world record auction price

Watch Pro              Sep. 19

Sotheby’s London has sold a George Daniels Space Travellers pocket watch for £3,196,250, a new world record for an English-made watch sold at auction. The exact same watch previously held the record after selling for £1.3 million it set in 2012.

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Casting Defects to Watch For
Prosumer Diamonds Sep.14
In last week’s article: Is your custom CAD done by a CAD Artist? I explained why choosing the right jeweler is important. A good jewelry designer is not only an artist but a skilled craftsman so today I want to go through some of the issues that can come up when a jeweler casts a piece of jewelry.

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Heart-Shaped Pendants ‚Äď Jewelry Meaning and Secrets
 Jewago  Sep. 13
Undoubtedly, every girl or woman is sure in the feelings of her second half if the latter presents her the heart-shaped pendant. Such things give the lady confidence, revive the spirit and boost her self-estimate.

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