GemFind Weekly Newsletter October 3, 2017

October 3, 2017
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GemFind Weekly Newsletter October 3, 2017

October 3, 2017 GemFind


What is JewelCloud?

Running your own online jewelry store can be challenging; however, it can be made more efficient if you integrate industry tools to your website. JewelCloud is a valuable tool offered by GemFind that helps you to organize all of your vendor data into one location, so that customers can easily browse through the website and find the perfect piece of jewelry. Here are some important facts about this application that will reveal how JewelCloud can transform your E-Commerce business.

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Industry Experts To Discuss All Aspects Of Synthetics At Dubai Diamond Conference
IDEX                         Oct. 02  

The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) will hold an in-depth discussion on the issue of synthetic diamonds on Day 2 of the Dubai Diamond Conference on the theme of ‚ÄėLab-grown diamonds and their disclosure: Is there a problem?‚Äô

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Polished Diamond Prices Sink Softly in September
The Diamond Loupe       Oct. 03  
According to three of the leading polished price indexes – Rapaport, IDEX and PolishedPrices – September polished diamond prices trended downward, though they steadied toward the end of the month.
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Exelco Seeks Chapter 11 Protection in US           Oct. 02 

Antwerp-based diamond company Exelco NV has sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US, listing estimated liabilities of $50 million to $100 million, according to court filings. The polished manufacturer estimated its assets at $10 million to $50 million and said it had between 50 and 99 

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The Discovery of Newsworthy Diamonds is Increasing          Paul Zimnisky                             Oct. 02

If it seems like the number of record-breaking and other noteworthy diamonds discovered has been increasing in recent years, it’s because they are. Over the last nine years 66 press-released-diamonds were recovered, and 61 of those have been found within the last five years. 

The Israeli Diamond Industry  Oct. 03 

Zimnisky begins by explaining that, though the technology of lab-made¬†diamonds¬†has existed since the 1950s, the first engagement-ring-quality equivalent hit the market only about five years ago. In recent years, he says, companies have invested ‚Äúan unprecedented amount of capital‚ÄĚ in advancing lab-created diamond production technology.

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Christie’s to Sell the De Grisogono 163-Carat D-Flawless Diamond

The Jewelry News Network  Sep.29

The diamond was cut from a 404-carat rough discovered in February 2016 in the Lulo mine in Angola. Given the name, ‚Äú4 de Fevereiro,‚ÄĚ it is the 27th biggest rough white diamond ever discovered and the largest in Angola.

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Millennials More Likely to Sell Engagement Rings, Survey Says
JCK                          Oct. 03   

The poll found that 40 percent of millennials would be willing to hock their engagement rings to fund a life-changing decision, such as travel, education, or a home. Baby boomers were a little more reluctant

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Stepping Out in Peking with Lydia Courteille

The Jewellry Editor        Sep. 29

While some artists paint or write as a means of expression, Parisian jeweler Lydia Courteille chooses to tell her extraordinary stories through virtually every precious gemstone known to woman in the most inventive and original forms.

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Jeweller Magazine Oct. 03
A trio of social and economic trends that are increasingly visible on the world stage, are fuelling demand for diamond jewelery, which a recent De Beers Group study has found. According to De Beers’ Diamond Insight Report 2017, there were three key factors influencing how and why people buy diamond jewelery.

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Jewelry in Retro Style: Is It Relic from the Past?
 Jewago  October 1 
The retro or vintage style that is on the peak of popularity now reminds us about the bygone era, its people and events. The jewels from the granny’s box are worn by the women who keep up with the fashions. 

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