GemFind Weekly Newsletter October 10, 2017

October 11, 2017
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GemFind Weekly Newsletter October 10, 2017

October 11, 2017 GemFind


Why it’s Important to Market to Millennials

Millennials have become the largest target market for many jewelry businesses, because they have now reached a point in their lives and careers, where they can afford these luxurious items for themselves, or for a significant other.

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Record 37ct. Pink Diamond Up for Sale              Oct. 09  

Weighing 37.30 carats, the diamond is the largest fancy intense pink diamond on record, according to Sotheby’s. It will headline the auction house’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale in Geneva on November 15. 

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The Israeli Diamond Industry   Oct. 08  
According to the piece, consumer confidence improved in July and August, but slipped 0.5% in September. The areas most affected were Texas and Florida in September, “as they were the most affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma”.
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Diamonds – the new gold for rich investors?

Reuters               Oct. 09

The industry says diamonds are the world’s most concentrated form of wealth, but investors have long viewed them as less useful as a store of value than gold because each stone is different, making its value subjective and trading difficult.

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Ehud Laniado Examines Diamond Demand Trends   The Diamond Loupe       Oct. 09

Diamond industry analyst Ehud Laniado takes a helpful look at the, “trends, anomalies and problems in the wholesale sector of the diamond market” as we approach the holiday season. As anticipated, demand is rising, but changes in the nature of that demand are causing some concern; 

Smart jewelry tested: do beautiful devices have the brains to compete?
arstechnica  Oct. 03 

Technology is shrinking, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting more subtle. Smartwatches are gaining popularity in the wearable world, but most make themselves painfully known by looking like high-tech gadgets. Not all wearables are fashion crimes, though;

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Robert Procop Unveils 888-Carat Angelina Jolie Star Sapphire

The Jewelry News Network  Oct. 05 

The gem is named the “Star of Jolie,” after the Angelina Jolie, the internationally known actress, filmmaker and humanitarian. It is the featured pendant on a necklace comprised of 70 black star sapphires, totaling an additional 104.42 carats.

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The Mistakes Made in Marketing to Women
National Jeweler           Oct. 06   

For me, the most interesting part of De Beers’s 2017 Diamond Insight Report came on page 13 And it came from a woman who has been heading a now five-year-long research project into, as she put it, “contemporary femininity.”

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A beginner’s guide to diamond clarity

The Jewellry Editor        Oct. 06

The universal standard for judging the quality of a diamond was first introduced by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in the mid-20th century and this International Diamond Grading System is now used to assess diamonds from all over the world. 

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New Diamond Jewelry Designs: Changing Tastes in Engagement Rings
Run An Empire Oct. 04
A question often asked, especially the place where a solitaire design of diamond is required belongs to how big the middle stone within a predetermined budget of course. 

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Slave Bracelet: From Old Traditions to Modern Times
 Jewago  October 10 
As the term slave means a person without rights who is in the total ownership of dominus, there is an assumption that lave bracelet originated from the shackles. 

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