GemFind Weekly Newsletter December 7, 2017

December 07, 2017
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The Engagement Ring Demographic | And How To Attract Them

Did you know?

  • 70% of your visitors are female
  • 30% of your visitors are male
  • 45% of men do not involve the bride to be

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  The Future of    Retail Jewelry

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De Beers: Fixed-Price Forward Contracts Moving to Core Business Status
IDEX                           Dec. 07 

Fixed-Price Forward Contracts offer the opportunity for Auction Sales customers to secure guaranteed access to bespoke future supply contracts, with certainty over the price to be paid when each contract reaches maturity, the miner said.

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Graff Blue Diamond Ring Fetches $13M
Diamonds. net                Dec. 07  
A ring featuring two fancy vivid blue diamonds by Graff Diamonds smashed its pre-sale estimate at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale on Wednesday, as blue diamonds continued to dominate the New York auction scene.
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5.69-Carat Blue Diamond Fetches $15.1 Million, or $2.66M/ct at Sotheby’s

The Diamond Loupe       Dec. 06    

The emerald-cut gem, which is set in a platinum ring and flanked by two baguette-shaped diamonds, has a VVS1 clarity grade. The auction house pointed out that the stone – if recut – has the potential to be internally flawless. 

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Jewelry Designer Laurel Hill Confronts Anthropologie on IG     

JCK   Dec. 06 

Jewelry designer Laurel Hill took to Instagram Monday to voice her outrage at Anthropologie after she discovered the retailer had been selling a pair of distinctively designed hoop earrings that were clearly knockoffs of one of her longstanding earring designs, the Gate Hoops.    


Huge ‘peace diamond’ fetches a disappointing $6.5 million
CNN  Dec. 05 

The stone has been dubbed the “peace diamond” because much of the proceeds will go to help the village in Sierra Leone where it was found. In past decades, the illegal trade in “blood diamonds” was used to help fund the country’s devastating civil war and other African conflicts.

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Women in the Industry: The Diamond Ceiling Dec. 06  

The barriers to women working in the diamond-mining sector are myriad and often start with ingrained perceptions of womanhood — such as the historic superstition that women in mines lead to more accidents, as noted in a 2014 report titled “Gender, Diversity and Work Conditions Mining.”

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A Single Pearl Fetches $1.45 Million At Bonhams New York Auction

Forbes                  Dec. 05    

Who would have thought at an auction featuring exceptional diamonds and sapphires as well as a diamond necklace designed by Harry Winston and owned by Zsa Zsa Gabor, that a single natural pearl would end up as the top lot of the sale? 

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Jahan: Geneva’s most exclusive jewels
The Jewellery Editor       Dec. 06     

If it’s a 30-carat pink diamond, a 200-carat Colombian emerald, a natural pearl necklace or a 75-carat Burma sapphire, you can rely on the exclusive Geneva jeweller Jahan to provide rare pieces and impeccable service.

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The Israeli Diamond Industry         Dec. 06 

A new show, titled “Green Diamonds: Natural Radiance”, opens on December 9 at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. The exhibition features a “comprehensive collection of natural green diamonds” belonging to New York-based Optimum Diamonds LLC.

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Seven myths about online jewelry retail
The Jewelry Magazine Dec. 07 
As smartphone touch payments are beginning to replace credit cards, and shopping from an iPad gets easier and easier, there is no doubt that the industry is experiencing a digital retail revolution.

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Anatomy of Graff’s men’s watch
 World Tempus  Dec. 05
When a company known for its diamonds makes a watch, it’s a safe bet that it will be a jewellery watch. And that’s often the case, but not always. Graff’s men’s watch showcases both diamonds and artistic crafts.

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