GemFind Weekly Newsletter August 22, 2017

August 23, 2017
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GemFind Weekly Newsletter August 22, 2017

August 23, 2017 GemFind


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Michael Hill’s US Sales Fall                 August 22

Michael Hill has attempted to revive growth in its US network by appointing Brett Halliday — a successful head of the group’s Canada division — as head of the stateside business. However, the US stores continued to perform weakly, Michael Hill said. 

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Wendy Brandes Wedding Is Here (& Includes a Tiara)
JCK                          August 22

In the span of a week, NYC-based designer Wendy Brandes won the WJA Award for Excellence in Design and announced the premiere of Wendy Brandes Wedding, her first foray into bridal territory. Well, officially anyway; she’s been creating custom engagement rings for a handful of clients for a while now.

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New Jewelry Inventory Technology Coming to US

National Jeweler            August 22    

Pac Team’s PT Next technology division has partnered with Myndar, the Hong Kong company founded in 2009 that develops technology solutions specifically for the jewelry and watch industries to streamline business for retailers.

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Diamond Producers Association Surveys US Millennial Women on Luxury and Diamonds        The Diamond Loupe             August 17

KRC Research conducted an online survey on behalf of the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) regarding US millennial women’s views on luxury goods. The results highlighted three major trends: Long term value both financially and emotionally, Pride in legitimacy of the goods purchased and the expression of self-confidence.

The Israeli Diamond Industry  August 22

Before the mid-1970s, diamond pricing was largely subjective, with prices determined by the bargaining and negotiating powers of the buyer and seller. Therefore, the price of comparable diamonds could vary widely.

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Harry Winston unveils the Legacy collection, a high jewelry love letter to the King of Diamonds

The Telegraph         August 17 

Who is the King of Diamonds? It’s a phrase bandied around frequently within the jewellery scene, often a self-titled and sometimes inaccurate moniker, laced with a hint of hubris. But one man who justifiably earned the title in the 20th century is Harry Winston,

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Watch of the Week: Franck Muller Gravity Skeleton
Robb Report             August 22  

Franck Muller’s watches, if nothing else, have always skewed outside the norms of conventional watchmaking. For the most part, his collections use variations of a tonneau-style case, dubbed by Franck Muller as the Cintrée Curvex.

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Diamond Statistics: What You Need to Know

Credit Donkey          August 19

Most people think of diamonds as a symbol of love. Behind that symbol, though, lie billions of dollars, many hands, and even bloodshed. Read on to learn the real story of the diamonds. In 2015, 127 million carats were produced. Australia and Russia saw the largest increases. Many people think of Africa as the only diamond producer.

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How Co-Op Advertising Can Benefit Your Jewelry Business
GemFind Blog  August 18
An innovative approach to reducing advertising costs is to work with partners, such as designers and manufacturers, who pay for advertising in exchange for mentions in marketing campaigns. It’s an efficient way to reach a target market. Here are reasons to investigate co-op advertising for your online jewelry business. 

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Dancing Diamonds: What is That?
 jewago August 18
The jewelry masters are in the constant search of methods and technologies that provide an opportunity to improve the elegance and natural beauty of the noble metals and precious stones.

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