GemFind Weekly Industry News Dec.14, 2016

December 14, 2016
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GemFind Weekly Industry News Dec.14, 2016

December 14, 2016 GemFind Marketing




Kimberley Logo Fine Diamond New York[Converted]We are happy to announce that Kimberley Diamond Company has joined JewelCloud®. From classic engagement rings to contemporary fashion earrings and bracelets, Kimberley’s jewelry artisans handcraft cutting edge designs in all popular jewelry categories.

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How to Keep your Employees Happy During the Long Holiday Hours
GemFind Blog           Dec. 13
One of the most important cornerstones of success for any jewelry company big or small is the success and happiness of that company’s employees. Expressions like “Invest in your employees, and they will invest in your company.” or “We are only as strong as our weakest link.” 
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HRD Antwerp to Offer English/Korean and English/Chinese Grading Reports
IDEX                  Dec. 13
HRD Antwerp will gradually be offering bilingual grading reports in other foreign languages over the course of the next year. The new service, alongside additional design improvements and safety features, is aimed at better informing consumers on the specific terminology used to describe the diamonds they purchase, the lab said in a statement. 
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Four Major Department Stores Sued Over Discount Practices
JCK                           Dec.12  
Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has sued J.C. Penney, Sears, Kohl’s, and Macy’s, alleging the four prominent department stores misled shoppers by advertising phony discounts. The complaint against Macy’s, filed Dec. 7 in Los Angeles 
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Diamond sales are down, and it’s India’s fault  CNN Money     Dec. 13

De Beers’ sales of rough diamonds dropped to $418 million from $476 million over the past month, according to data from parent company Anglo American (AAUKF). That decline, the company said, is mainly because India decided to ban 500 and 1,000 rupee notes — its two largest — on Nov. 8.

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 Parlé Jewelry Designs originated as Idaho Opal and Gem Corp, founded in May 1973 mining Idaho Opal, fashioning it into gemstones and setting it into simple jewelry. >>>>
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Online diamond sales challenge traditional market
 Nikkei Asian Review                     Dec. 11 

“One of the worst mistakes you can do is walk into a jewelry store and make a decision based on your eyes,” Lai said. “How you see diamonds under different types of lighting is very different. All jewelry stores, including us, use these calibrated LED lights.This kind of light makes everything look good.  
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The Pantone Effect, and Three Collections in the Gem & Jewelry World

 THE DAILY JEWEL          Dec. 11

This week Pantone announced their “Color of the Year” for 2017 and, like it or not this will seep into the Jewelry World – thus also the Gem World. So let’s look at some designer pieces from three of my favorite women.
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Seven Superb Watches with Meteorite Dials
Haute Time                   Dec. 13 
The sky has enthralled man since the dawn of time. From the starts to the moon and sun, it is a never-ending source of mystery and inspiration. Some watch brands have found a way, though, to bring the sky to the wrist, unveiling watches with rare meteorite dials on them. 
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 Internet Stone           Dec. 09 
An unenhanced Colombian emerald weighing some 29 carats brought $1,030,000 in Rago’s $4.25 million dollar jewelry auction on December 4, 2016. A pear-shaped diamond of approximately equal size, suspended as a pendant, followed closely at a sale price of $850,000.
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Jeweller Magazine

  Dec. 13 
Following a five-month trial, the GIA has introduced its Melee Analysis Service in an attempt to address concerns about undisclosed synthetic and treated diamonds.The service is available for submissions of round, D to Z melee-sized stones ranging from 0.90 to 4.00 mm in diameter – approximately 0.005 carats to 0.25 carats.
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Business Pulse: The Election and Your Business
 National Jeweler                        Dec. 12   
National Jeweler/Jewelers of America’s latest Business Pulse poll asked readers about the results of the presidential election on Nov. 8, which brought to a close months of contentious campaigning. The survey didn’t ask respondents whom they voted for but, instead, what impact the outcome of the election had on their business, if any
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10 Types of Jewelry For Men
  Tech Featured     Dec. 07  
When we think of jewelry, we automatically think of jewelry for women. These days it is becoming increasingly common and fashionable for men to wear jewelry. Although much of men’s jewelry serves a purpose, there are many items that have no other purpose than to complement a man’s natural good looks.
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