GemFind Weekly Industry News Jan. 11th, 2017

January 11, 2017
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GemFind Weekly Industry News Jan. 11th, 2017

January 11, 2017 GemFind Marketing


The Benefits of Having products on your Jewelry Website

The cloud continues to provide ways that make marketing much more efficient. Your jewelry products will likely reach a larger market if you showcase them online rather than only displaying them in your physical store. Here are some of the many benefits to placing your products online for sale.¬†Read More…

The Future of  Retail Jewelry

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U.S. Retailer Shuts 250 Stores to Move Online           Jan. 10
Women’s apparel chain The Limited has closed all 250 stores and has moved all sales to its online platform, reflecting an increasingly challenging environment for bricks-and-mortar retailers.
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Rio Tinto Chooses Dhamani as Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier
IDEX                 Jan. 11
Rio Tinto said it has chosen Middle East luxury jeweler Dhamani as a Select Atelier for Argyle Pink Diamonds.The decision means Dhamani joins a group of master craftsman and luxury jewelers with access to a direct supply of Australia’s rare Argyle pink diamonds.
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Israeli Diamond Industry    Jan. 10 
In a recent article, ‚ÄúYear-End Wrap Up: How the Diamond Industry Can Move Forward in 2017‚ÄĚ, Ehud Laniado talks about several steps that can, and need, to be taken by everyone involved in diamond industry in 2017.¬†
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Transforming The Diamond Industry: Analysis of Recent Changes and Challenges      The Diamond Loupe         Jan. 10

Diamond industry analyst Paul Zimnisky, in his most recent article “A New Diamond Industry”, analyzes three significant changes – and the catalysts for those changes – that have been reshaping the diamond industry in recent years: 1) a new operating discipline, 2) a new generation of consumers, and 3) new technology.

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   Lashbrook is a manufacturer and designer of men’s wedding bands. Lashbrook employs over 80 of the best technicians, artists, customer service, and marketing specialists in the industry. >>>>
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Dummy engagement rings are on the rise. Are we simply becoming too fussy?
 Yahoo Style UK          Jan. 10

Nervous about proposing? Panicking that your (hopefully) wife-to-be won‚Äôt like the ring you‚Äôve chosen? Then you may be the perfect candidate for a dummy engagement ring. Jeweller Beaverbrooks has launched a series of ‚Äėfake‚Äô engagement rings that range between the much lower prices of ¬£40¬†
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The Casual Luxury Of Amsterdam

 Jewelry News Network    Jan. 10

The city of Amsterdam has come a long way in recent years. Known historically as a place for legal marijuana and legal prostitution, the city is undergoing a transformation as a luxury destination with new and renovated hotels,  
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Six Top Watch Brands Seen at the Golden Globes
Haute Time                Jan. 09 
Last night, the 74th annual Golden Globes took place, and with all eyes on the Red Carpet, six top watch brands got some good attention as well. Among them: Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Harry Winston, Piaget, Bulgari and Tiffany & Co.
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And the Golden Globe for Best Jewel Goes To…
 National Jeweler            Jan. 10 
Only a few actors, producers, directors and writers can leave the Golden Globe Awards with a trophy in hand, but many more have the opportunity to create iconic jewelry moments on the red carpet.
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The Art of Selling Designer Jewelry

JCK Magazine      

For the retailer who offers artisan jewelry, championing designers is nothing new. The stores that specialize in this area have been doing it, and doing it well, for years. There are changes in the industry‚ÄĒthe emergence of millennial buying power and the influence of technology‚ÄĒbut¬†
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A Retailer’s Guide to Natural Fancy Color Diamonds 
RapNet Blog            Jan. 05               
As a diamond retailer, it’s important to take into account the significant differences between fancy color diamonds and their colorless counterparts, when using them in a jewelry piece. Here are some things to consider:
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24 Sales Meeting Topics for the New Year 
Shane Decker      Jan. 10  
When it comes to success as a retail jeweler, it all starts in the front. Your salespeople are your ambassadors to the world. And yet, many store owners still neglect to train their employees.
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