GemFind To Do: Check Your Local Park for Diamonds

GemFind To Do: Check Your Local Park for Diamonds

July 10, 2013 Alex



If your quest turns out anything like Terry Staggs of Richmond, Ky, you won’t be sorry you did. This July Fourth, at Arkansas’ famous Crater of Diamonds State Park, Staggs unearthed a 2.95 ct. champagne brown diamond!

The 2.95-carat Patriot Diamond found on July 4, 2013, by Terry Staggs of Richmond, Kentucky

Of all 304 diamonds found thus far this year at the park, the stone discovered by Staggs is the largest. As the rough diamond was discovered on Independence Day, Staggs has dubbed it the ‘Patriot Diamond.’

The park where this miraculous discovery took place welcomes more of these scenarios, as they’ve been open since 1972 in Murfreesboro, Ark., encouraging visitors to rummage for diamonds and allowing them to keep their findings!

Park Interpreter Waymon Cox gave a brief statement on the Independence Day discovery in that the diamond “appears to be a complete crystal and is shaped like a shield. It’s about the size of an English pea and has as a golden brown metallic appearance.”

After searching on the surfaces of the park during the long July Fourth weekend, the ‘Patriot Diamond’ caught Staggs eye just below the surface. (wow. It’s like a dream!) Cox also reported, “Sunny weather conditions on July 4th were perfect for this sparkler to catch Mr. Staggs’ attention as he searched.

The ‘Patriot Diamond‘ was discovered in the East Drain area, where the reflection of sunlight off the diamond made it stand apart from the other stones to Staggs naked eye.

The value of the ‘Patriot Diamond’ is still undetermined. Staggs should feel confident with high hopes perhaps, as several other notable diamond discoveries have occurred here. There was a 2.44 ct. F VS1 stone discovered at the park in 2012, valued at more than $21,000.

In 1998, a 3.03 ct. D-flawless Strawn-Wagner Diamond was found and eventually cut to a 1.09 ct. AGS Triple Zero by Lazare Kaplan. Subsequently, it was purchased by the state of Arkansas and is currently on display at the Crater of Diamonds visitor center.

So, for Today’s GemFind To Do

Check Your Local Park for Diamonds

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