GemFind Newsletter 8-23-2016

August 23, 2016

GemFind Newsletter 8-23-2016

August 23, 2016 GemFind Marketing

Award-winning bridal designer Jeff Cooper Designs has officially joined GemFind’s social product network JewelCloud®. Working in platinum, gold and diamonds, Jeff’s designs are clean, elegant and simple, with a focus on classics that never go out of style. JewelCloud® puts Jeff Cooper Designs collections in the hands of their current retailers and introduces them to new retailers in the network. Welcome to the JewelCloud®, Jeff Cooper Designs! Learn more>

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Michael Hill’s US Comps Rise but Still Disappoint 
Rob Bates           JCK           Aug. 22
A statement said the U.S. division is focused on developing proprietary bridal and fashion collections, new marketing initiatives, a competitive in-house credit program, and establishing the brand in strong malls.
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24 Karat Club To Make History As Waldorf Astoria Closes 
IDEX                      Aug.23 
The 24 Karat Club Banquet has been held at the Waldorf Astoria since 1913, when the hotel was located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 34th Streets, today the site of the Empire State Building.
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Brexit No Deterrent as UK Retail Sales Jump in July, Jewelry Strong
The Diamond Loupe            Aug. 22

Despite the fears that the UK economy would tank following the vote in June to leave the European Union, figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that jewelry and watch retailers saw a 17% jump in sales in July.

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Fisherman found giant 34kg pearl worth $100million

DARREN BOYLE     DAILY MAIL       Aug. 22 

This giant pearl could be the biggest ever found in the world and five times larger than the previous record – after being handed in by a fisherman. The man, who has not been identified, found the priceless 34kg gem ten years ago in sea off the coast of Palawan Island, Philippines. 

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De Beers stakes its reputation on spotting the difference
Barbara Lewis       REUTERS           Aug. 17

In nature it takes billions of years to produce a diamond, or a laboratory can grow one in days and to the untrained eye, it looks the same. For De Beers, telling the difference is fundamental to protecting its reputation as the world’s leading diamond firm by value 
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Six Sensational Rainbow-Colored Gemstone Watches (slideshow)

ROBERTA NAAS       Haute Time  Aug.19

This year, the watch world recognized the diverse dimensions of its audiences. Not everyone wants a black, white, gray or blue watch – some like their time with an explosion of color—even at the highest end of the spectrum. 
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The Charmed Life of Pandora
In the spring of 2009, jewelry stores were struggling. It was the height of the recession, and with the economy in the tank, many were feeling the effects. Which is why when Elissa Spektor walked by Maurice’s Jewelers in Miami, she was stunned to see it packed with customers. 
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What Is The Real Monetary Value Of The Rio Olympics Gold Medal?

Anthony Demarco   Forbes   Aug. 15

The Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games is being billed as the “Biggest Sporting Event on the Planet.” It’s difficult to argue against that claim as more than 11,000 athletes will be competing in 28 sports and 42 disciplines for the event’s ultimate prize: the gold medal.
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Top 10 Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2016
Samantha Pierrie  RapNet Blog        Aug. 23 
We all know how important it is to keep abreast of the most current and sought after styles of jewelry. This helps us better understand and service our customers, and do a better job of purchasing and highlighting the right inventory for our stores. 
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The Top 3 Strategies Diamond Retailers Can’t Live Without
David Brummer – Ron Ben-Ari       IDEX       Aug. 21  
Ironically, it is technology – specifically digital, Internet-based technology – that is restoring the retailer’s ability to get closer to the customer. Here are three technology trends that retailers of diamonds and jewelry must embrace to maximize their customer reach.
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