GemFind Newsletter 8-16-2016

August 16, 2016

GemFind Newsletter 8-16-2016

August 16, 2016 GemFind Marketing


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NYPD to Give 2 Seminars in the Diamond District
National Jeweler             Aug. 16
The New York Police Department will be giving a pair of seminars in the Diamond District later this month covering two timely topics: terrorism and active shooter events.
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White Pine Launches GIA Listing Service for Smaller Diamond Dealers
David Brummer     IDEX       Aug.16  

Diamond trader and fine jewelry and luxury watch purchaser White Pine Trading LLC has announced that it will launch a listing service that provides smaller diamond dealers a distribution channel for GIA-graded diamonds.

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Chow Tai Fook Launching “4Ts” Diamond Tracking Campaign
The Diamond Loupe            Aug. 16

The “four Ts”: for traceable, transparent, truthful and thoughtful. The T Mark will be applied to most of the company’s stones starting from 0.15 carats, SI clarity and K color.

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About Tom Thumb and sleeping giants  Elena Levina    Rough&Polished    July 25

Last week, all were pretty excited over Morgan Stanley’s research on the synthetic diamond market. In short, Morgan Stanley says that the share of synthetics is so far negligible, but not for long. By their estimation, following even the worst scenario synthetics will have a 15% share in the world market of melee diamonds by 2020. 

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Game of Stones: Disrupting the Diamond Trade
 Morgan Stanley                        Aug. 12 

For thousands of years, diamonds have occupied rarified strata of social status and market value. That could change, amid significant recent advances in technology to grow large, colorless, cultured diamonds that are nearly indistinguishable from mined gems—all in a process that takes days, not millions of years.
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The Israeli Diamond Industry    Aug.16

Across color and size categories, the strongest performers during the second quarter were fancy intense and vivid blues and fancy vivid pinks across all carat sizes. The fancy vivid blue category saw an 8.6% price increase 
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The 5 Strangest Jewelry Curse Stories, Because Diamonds Aren’t Always A Girl’s Best Friend
JR THORPE    BUSTLE    Aug. 12 
What does it take for a jewelry artifact, whether it be a single stone or a hoard of gold, to be declared “cursed”? Well, it seems the main ingredient is a populace with a very active imagination,
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High Gold Prices Cause Global Decline In Jewelry Demand

Anthony Demarco   Jewelry News Network        Aug. 15

Record high prices for gold and increased investment demand for the precious metal, has led to the lowest demand for gold jewelry since 2010, according to the World Gold Council.
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Are you Being Fooled About True Body Color? 
  Mike Botha    RapNet Blog        July 26

Some years back my company received a ‘natural fancy yellow’ diamond which was a poorly cut cushion shape (to say the least). The request from our customer was that we re-cut this into a properly proportioned cushion.The copy of the grading report stated that it was a natural fancy yellow. 


Does the Smell of Your Store Inspire Sales?
   Emili Vesilind       JCK       July 21    
I’ve noticed that nowadays, many stores seem to be more interested in eradicating every stitch of scent, good and bad, from their environments rather than using aroma to heighten the clients’ shopping experience.  
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