GemFind Newsletter 6-09-2015

June 9, 2015

GemFind Newsletter 6-09-2015

June 9, 2015 Alex





Back To Work for Jewelers

Adding jewelry tools to websites and Facebook pages, and …


JCK Luxury Las Vegas has come to an end and the GemFind team is back to work building new websites, adding jewelry tools to websites and Facebook pages, and engaging the world with online marketing for jewelers. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello! Our latest blog shares a quick recap

If we werenā€™t able to connect at the show, give us a call toll free at 1-800-373-4373 or shoot an email to


Sylva & Cie unveils new pendants at Couture
Hannah Connorton      National  Jeweler      June 09

Designer Sylva Yepremian of Los Angeles-based brand Sylva & Cie introduced new pendants and a bevy of carved pieces at this yearā€™s Couture show, all incorporating 18-karat gold with diamonds and other gemstones. Yepremian said the new horseshoe-shaped pendants were inspired by traditional Navajo necklaces.

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Gemfields discovers rare 45ct ruby duo in Mozambique
Professional Jeweller    June 09

Gemfields, the worldā€™s leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, has discovered an exceptionally rare pair of matching Mozambican rubies, totalling 45 carats. The two rough rubies will now form one of the highlights at the companyā€™s much anticipated ruby auction in Singapore next week.

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What I Learnt at the Las Vegas Shows

Edahn Golan     IDEX     June 08

The recent Vegas JCK and Couture shows not only cemented where the problems currently are in the diamond industry, they also showed where positive change is taking place, possibly signaling the way for the rest of the category. The show started with a certain degree of promise, suffered from low foot traffic, but still provides some hope.

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Drive Traffic to Retailers with Retail Locator


Patience                             Bill Boyajian             June 03

Patience is a wonderful virtue.  Too often we get anxious for something to happen, but we need to learn to be patient.  You wouldnā€™t dive into a pool without knowing the depth of the water. You wouldnā€™t pick an unripe fruit before it is ready. Nor would you tackle a huge project without estimating the cost and the time it would take to complete it.  Read More


Pandora clarifies composition of Rose Collection jewellery
  Professional Jeweller                June 8

This monthā€™s introduction of Pandoraā€™s Rose Collection is the Danish brandā€™s biggest launch of the year, and will be accompanied by a major advertising campaign across mainstream media. The collection, which is is made from a rose gold colour metal alloy plated in 14ct rose gold, comprises charms and charm bracelet, pendants and rings.

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The History Behind ā€¦ Art Nouveau jewelry

Michelle Graff           National  jeweler         June 08

It was a short-lived period of design that focused on women and nature and was worn by only select members of society. It was Art Nouveau jewelry, created in France in the late 1800 and early 1900s, a time before the first World War, when mass manufacturing got its start and the absinthe was flowing.

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Watchmaker F.P. Journe And Jeweler Martin Katz Partner On ā€˜Elegantā€™ Electromechanical Timepiece

Anthony Demarco   Jewelry News Network   June 03

Luxury independent watchmaker, F.P. Journe, has unveiled the ā€œĆ©lĆ©ganteā€ ladies watch, which the company says is the ā€œonly electromechanical movement conceived and created for the luxury market.ā€

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Couture Show 2015 in Las Vegas: Top 5 Jewellery Trends

Pooja Agarwal  Haute Time  June 07

One-of-a-kind, this 18-karat white gold ring shows off the protagonist, an exceptional oval Paraiba tourmaline weighing 41.57 carats, around which a delicate lacework ribbon of diamonds sets a befitting stage. Let the performance begin. Rarity and investment-quality gemstones set in cocktail rings are ā€˜oh, so chicā€™.

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