GemFind Newsletter 11-1-2016

November 1, 2016

GemFind Newsletter 11-1-2016

November 1, 2016 GemFind Marketing

Malakan is a diamond house with full manufacturing capabilities and offers a complete line of finished jewelry. They are also one of the leading CAD-CAM design companies nationwide. 

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How To Reach Your Audience On Mobile during The Holidays
GemFind Blog     Oct. 28
Don’t be left behind! Your customers are already preparing for the holiday season by planning audience-on-mobiletrips and buying gifts. That’s why it’s a good idea to put your marketing efforts on full force.
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What Type of Holiday Content Should Your Jewelry-Store Blog Publish? 
GemFind Blog    Oct.26
A blog is a valuable promotional tool for your online jewelry store especially during the holiday selling season. By posting on your blog you can build a trusted online audience, establish yourself as an expert and increase your web presence.
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Shoppers Who Are Helped Spend More
Rob Bates          JCK       Oct. 31 
Customers spend twice as much when they receive help from a sales associate, according to new research from InMoment, a Salt Lake City–based customer experience company. That increases to four times when the customer interacts with the company’s website in store, it said.
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Barneys New York Introducing Lab-Grown Diamond Collection           Rob Bates          jck           Oct. 27  

Barneys New York is introducing a collection of lab-grown diamonds, with a limited collection produced by three designers. Diamond Foundry, a San Francisco–based diamond grower, will supply the lab-grown stones. The three designers are CVC Stones, Eva Fehren, and Nak Armstrong, whose ring is pictured.

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As we begin our fourth decade in the jewelry industry Color Source Gems take pride to bring our customers our expertise in the precious gem stone and fine quality jewelry business. >>>>
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How Blue Nile Delivered One Million Pieces Of Bridal Jewelry 
Anthony DeMarco           Forbes            Oct. 27

It hides in plain sight in a Seattle neighborhood. A building that would not attract even a hint of curiosity. Inside it’s a bit of a different story as this seemingly bare-bones structure serves as the fulfillment center for Blue Nile, the world’s largest Internet retailer of diamond jewelry.
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Online Sale

of Jewelry 


Millennial Trends & The Jewelry Industry

Andrea Simon Media Post    Oct. 27

In case you haven’t noticed, the times they are a-changin’, wreaking havoc on many businesses. In particular, the jewelry industry is being hit especially hard.
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$12-million “Ratnaraj” Ruby One Of Several High-Priced Investment Gems In Fall Jewelry Auctions
Carol Besler      Forbes     Oct. 28 
Headlining the November Christie’s Hong Kong jewelry sale is the Ratnaraj ruby, a 10.05-carat Burmese ruby ring defined as “pigeon’s blood” 
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Antique Jewlery vs. Vintage Jewelry: What do they mean?
Jonathan Fine Jewelers   Oct. 25    
Very simply put– an antique piece of jewelry is one that created more than 100 years ago. This includes jewelry made any time from the Georgian era towards the end of the Edwardian era. 
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China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair – Shanghai kicks off November 18

Jewelry News Network

  Oct. 23
Now on its 12th edition, the Shanghai Fair will host more than 300 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions. The latest contemporary jewelry and classic bestsellers will be displayed in over 11,000 square meters of exhibition space.
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NGO Upholds Boycott of Kimberley Process
  Rapaport News      Oct. 31    
Civil Society is boycotting the KP over the UAE’s chairmanship due to the country’s failure to address concerns about its rough trade such as over-valuation of rough re-exports, and for the lack of engagement with the coalition.
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CIBJO Ends 2016 Congress: Focus on CSR, Gem Guides, Grading and Disclosure
  Albert Robinson      IDEX        Oct. 31  
The sessions of its specialized commissions covered the diamond, colored stone, pearl, coral, precious metals and gemological laboratory sectors, as well as ethics, marketing and education.
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