GemFind Weekly Industry News Jan.17, 2017

January 17, 2017

GemFind Weekly Industry News Jan.17, 2017

January 17, 2017 GemFind Marketing


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Gold Set to Shine on Stronger Asian Demand           Jan. 16
The World Gold Council (WGC) predicted gold prices will continue to rise in 2017 as growth in Asia and political uncertainty in the west are expected to support demand. “Not only will gold remain highly relevant as a strategic portfolio component, but 
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Female Armed Robber Gets 10 Years in Prison
National Jeweler     Jan. 17
The woman who entered jewelry stores alone and tied up employees at gunpoint before emptying the showcases will spend the next decade behind bars. In Florida federal court on Friday, Abigail Lee Kemp, 25, of Smyrna, Georgia,
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Total U.S. Jewelry Sales Rise Strongly in November 
IDEX                Jan. 16 
Total sales of fine jewelry and fine watches in the U.S. market rose by an estimated 6.8 percent, when compared to the same month a year ago, to $6.8 billion in November 2016, according to preliminary data from the U.S. Commerce 
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2017 Emerging Designer Winners Announced By Prestigious Centurion Show          Daily Jewel      Jan. 12

The Centurion Jewelry Show is pleased to announce Marla Aaron, Alexis Mazza, and Alison Nagasue as the winners of the Centurion 2017 Emerging Designer Competition, sponsored by Stuller.  All three designers will make their U.S. jewelry trade show debut at the Centurion Scottsdale Show, set for January 28 – Feb. 1 in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Potential Impact of Trump on U.S. Diamond Trade, KP Certification
 The Diamond Loupe         Jan. 16

In his latest Diamond Intelligence Briefs , “Keeping Stock of U.S. Kimberley Process Certificates”, industry analyst Chaim Even-Zohar takes another hard look at the U.S. rough diamond trade and the country’s half-hearted approach when it comes to implementing Kimberley Process (KP) certification standards domestically.
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$1M Swiss Watch Made Of Swiss Cheese And That’s No Bull

 Jewelry News Network     Jan. 12

Specialist Swiss watchmaker H. Moser & Cie. used Swiss cheese to create a watch made in protest of the recently updated “Swiss made” requirement. Called the “Swiss Mad Watch” it doesn’t refer to Mad Cow Disease but to being mad at the new updated 
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Diamond Outrage: Audemars Piguet’s extraordinary High Jewellery watch
The Telegraph               Jan. 16
It’s always nice getting a sneak peek of product before it’s released to the hoards of expectant journalists at the SIHH watch fair. Audemars Piguet, like all venerated Swiss watch brands, is twitchy about sharing information ahead of time,
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 Price Scope           Jan. 17
As one actress was making a stand, you may have failed to notice that a trend was having its moment. The look was all over the red carpet in many different versions. Yet, one thing is certain; it made an impression on the right crowd.
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The Israeli Diamond Industry    

Throughout history, men and women have admired diamonds. Diamonds have many qualities that make them desirable for the jewelry industry. It demands much effort to extract even the smallest amount of diamonds, and this also contributes to their value.
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What makes a diamond valuable? Is it the size, the clarity, the cut, the color? We all are all familiar with the 4C’s, and we know that the price of a diamond is based on all of these factors. But how do these measures apply to colored diamonds?
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Inquisitr             Jan. 16  
The highly-talked about ring that once adorned the finger of Diana, Princess of Wales, when she accepted the Prince of Wales’ marriage proposal now known as Kate Middleton’s ring is becoming a world trend, revealed in a report.
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