GemFind Launches Website for Ohio’s Howard’s Jewelry Center

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Jewelry Website

GemFind is proud to launch a brand new website for Howard’s Jewelry Center. The easy-to-navigate, clean website is a Magento-based eCommerce site that utilizes an ARMS point-of-sale integration to feed jewelry to the website.

Diamond Search

The website utilizes GemFind’s Diamond Link® for the site’s Diamond Search, allowing customers from any location to search Howard’s Jewelry Center’s in-house diamond stock. Customers can search, compare, save searches, make requests and more throughout their diamond search.

Jewel Cloud

Howard’s Jewelry Center has 5 locations and uses this site to centralize their stock in entirety for the public to view. One central location simplifies searching for jewelry and helps to increase sales.

Contact GemFind at 1-800-373-4373 to learn how we can help you.


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