GemFind is a Certified Edge® POS Partner

August 30, 2017
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GemFind is a Certified Edge® POS Partner

August 30, 2017 GemFind

GemFind is pleased to announce that it is now a Certified Edge® POS Partner! In partnering with the Edge, GemFind is able to provide its clients with an easy and efficient way to manage their inventory, that bridges the gap between their physical and online business.

What is The Edge?

The Edge makes the management of store services more organized and efficient, which results in higher productivity and happy customers. All service jobs (repair, custom order, special order, and appraisal) originate at the POS, and can be tracked from this point until the time of delivery. Each of the jobs that are created at the POS can generate a bar coded envelope that shows the whereabouts of the service job. Therefore, an Edge user will be able identify all of the places that a service job may travel through.

How it Works

GemFind Websites and the Edge software work together to process quality data and images to add new products that don’t yet exist on the jewelry retailers’ websites, updates any changes made to existing products, and removes products that have already been sold. Every night, it will update the website with the latest product images, stock levels, and prices, so that retailers don’t have to waste their time updating it themselves. Automating the Edge inventory will allow customers to see the most up-to-date inventory of what the jewelry retailers have available at any time of the day, allowing them to make their purchasing decisions at their best convenience. This synchronization of the Point of Sale system and the website’s catalog helps close the gap that exists between the physical stores and the online inventory, and broadens the market for jewelry retailers.

Contact GemFind for more information on how to integrate the Edge to your website!


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