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April 09, 2013


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GIA: Research is the foundation of our public benefit mission, and that mission defines our prioriti
Colombian “Emerald Czar” Dies at 77
Silver Jewelry Demand Optimism on the Rise
The New Lab-Grown Diamond Company That Doesn’t Seem All That New
The mysterious new ‘diamond mine’
Money Keeps Hopping Around, Seeking New Tax Havens
Platinum Interview: Omi Privé
Margaret Thatcher Diamond Legacy
How to offer credit like the chain stores
Don’t Get Too Excited: 4 Reasons Why Passion is the Enemy of Sales Success
The Hope…Diamond
When Email is More Important Than Social Media


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GIA: Research is the foundation of our public benefit mission, and that mission defines our priorities

By Olga Patseva                                Rough&Polished                         April 08, 2013        


Founded in 1931, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored gemstones and pearls, and recently it was recognized as one of the most ethical organizations in the world.Stephen Morisseau, GIA’s Director of Public Relations, gave this interview to Rough & Polished. >>>  

Colombian “Emerald Czar” Dies at 77

By Rob Bates                              JCK                             April 08, 2013        


Victor Carranza, a colorful and often-controversial figure known as Colombia’s “emerald czar,” died April 4 from cancer, media reports say. He was 77. Carranza was known for his reported battle against Pablo Escobar and his MedellĂ­n drug cartel for control of the Muzo emerald mines. >>> 


Silver Jewelry Demand Optimism on the Rise

By Michelle Smith                      Silver Investing News                        April 03, 2013  


Following reports of strong sales during the holiday season, market participants continue to express optimism about the outlook for silver jewelry demand. Holidays are extremely important for those in the jewelry business, and a January press release from The Silver Institute states that silver jewelry put up a strong performance this past holiday season. >>> 


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The New Lab-Grown Diamond Company That Doesn’t Seem All That New

By Rob Bates                                             JCK                                      April  03, 2013  


Last week, I received a release from IIa Technologies, which at first glance appeared to be a new company based out of Singapore that produces lab-grown diamonds. The release included some pretty impressive boasts. It uses a new process: >>> 

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The mysterious new ‘diamond mine’

By Michelle Graff               National Jeweler               April 04, 2013  


On March 27, I received a press release from a company called IIa Technologies about its opening of one of the world’s largest diamond growing facilities in the world in Singapore.Like most releases, it was heavy on flowery language but short on information. >>>   

Money Keeps Hopping Around, Seeking New Tax Havens
By EDAHN GOLAN                         IDEX                          April 04, 2013                                      

Governments don’t like it when people and companies don’t pay their taxes. The main problem with this money, at least from the perspective of the tax evader, is that it needs to be hidden from authorities. This means either “laundering” it, making look like legitimate money or hiding it. >>>  

Platinum Interview: Omi Privé

By Hannah Connorton                            National Jeweler                       April 08, 2013            

The president of California-based jewelry company Omi PrivĂ© takes pride in all aspects of the brand, but one element is clearly prominent: colored gemstones. Pairing a bevy of hued precious and semi-precious jewels with platinum, the company offers jewelry including brooches, rings, earrings and pendants as well as loose gemstones. >>>  

Margaret Thatcher Diamond Legacy  

The Israeli Diamond Industry                                   April 08, 2013

Margaret Thatcher, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom and the first woman to lead the country, passed away today at the age of 87, the Guardian reports. When a former press secretary to Middle Eastern heads of state published his memoirs, he included a strange story about Thatcher’s attachment to the precious gems. >>> 

GemFind’s New Ring Builder Increases Retail Jewelry Sales of Diamonds and Engagement Rings for Jewelry Retailers


The new 2013 version of GemFind’s popular Ring Builder® website tool for jewelry retailers and diamond dealers – has unique new features. The new Ring Builder® allows users to superimpose loose diamonds on to the ring that they are configuring online. This fully ecommerce capable web application is a must-have for all jewelry retailers and it is customizable providing seamless integration into any retail jeweler’s new or existing website with all the social sharing features. 


ring builder new

One of the highlight features of the new Ring Builder is that the consumer, while shopping on the local retail jeweler’s website, can virtually superimpose any one of 10 different shaped loose diamonds directly onto one of more than 400 prospective engagement ring styles from Unique Settings of New York. After the ring is virtually configured, the user can then select from tens of thousands of certified loose diamond being supplied from any number of diamond vendors within New settings and diamond suppliers will be continually added.


Call us today at 800-373-4373, for a free consultation and demonstration of GemFind’s customized website tools which are guaranteed to help you grow you business in a cost effective and consistent manner. 

How to offer credit like the chain stores

By George Prout                                                   Southern Jewelry News    


Last May, I wrote about the impending launch of a multi-lender consumer financing program aimed at providing better credit options to help independent jewelers compete with the major chains. Kay Jewelers doesn’t beat our customers to bridal sales because they have better jewelry. >>> 

Don’t Get Too Excited: 4 Reasons Why Passion is the Enemy of Sales Success

BY Gregg Schwartz                                   Entrepreneur                           April 08, 2013


Naturally, many young entrepreneurs are fueled by ample helpings of passion and enthusiasm. But you know what they say about too much of a good thing, right? While zeal will serve you immensely in multiple business arenas, too much enthusiasm can, among other things, sabotage a sales meeting in a blink. >>> 

Featured GemFind Designer

Rudolf Friedmann is a family-owned jewelry manufacturer committed to the highest levels of design, craftsmanship and customer service. Our founder, Rudolf Friedmann, brought the European tradition of fine jewelry-making to the United States in 1948 and we continue his commitement to fine quality American manufacturing.  >>> 

The Hope Diamond

By Carly Wickell                     Guide              

A Quick History of the Hope Diamond  In the 17th Century, a French merchant named Jean Babtiste Tavernier bought a 112+ carat triangular shaped violet blue diamond that was probably found in India’s Kollur mine. Later, he sold the diamond to King Louis XIV of France, along with over a dozen other diamonds of various sizes. >>>  

When Email is More Important Than Social Media
By Mike Michalowicz                                   OPEN Forum                               April 08, 2013   

Bloggers know it. So do webmasters, corporations and marketing gurus. If you don’t get an email address from your customers or readers when you give them information, you lose all opportunity to reconnect with them. >>>  

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