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February 05, 2013


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VicenzaOro – Shaping a New Consumer Audience
Sotheby’s Jewelry Sales Top $460M in 2012
NRF Expects Jewelry Sales to Rise 7% for Valentine’s Day
Where Does the World Diamond Council Go From Here?
Go Fund Yourself!
Who’s Buying Antique Jewelry in NYC?
Diamonds Make Guitar Smashing Too Expensive
New Year’s Resolutions for the independent jeweler
Pictures of Super Bowl Rings
Are you ready for some ads?
How to Align your Website with your Business
Skip Extraverts and Introverts. Hire Ambiverts


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It’s the first week in February and if the Centurion jewelry show is an indication of the kind of year we’re going to have in 2013, it’s going to be a great one. GemFind is a sponsor at the Centurion show and witnessing a spectacular shift in the industries wholehearted adoption of technology as part of the online marketing strategy.  For both retailers and suppliers that means decisiveness in starting new website projects and participating in the GemFind JewelCloud and online marketing programs.  If you’re not yet part of the GemFind family, give us a call for a free and no obligation evaluation of your web presence or to learn more about our programs at 800-373-4373.

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at the Centurion Jewelry show February 2nd -5th.  You can schedule an appointment to see us there at this link 


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Need more traffic to your website in 2013?

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VicenzaOro – Shaping a New Consumer Audience 

 By Veronica Novoselova                     Rough&Polished                   February 04, 2013      

VicenzaOro, the Italian jewelry exhibition held in January, has turned into an annual tradition kicking off a new season for the industry. In these latter days, it has become rather difficult to attract the attention of buyers from all over the world, but thanks to the great efforts of the organizers they manage to succeed. >>> 

Sotheby’s Jewelry Sales Top $460M in 2012

By Jeff Miller                                                   Jan. 30, 2013  

Jewelry sales for Sotheby’s in 2012 surged to a record $460.5 million. The auction house stated that revenue from its jewelry sales was propelled by the success of private collections, exceptional diamonds and gemstones and historical jewels with noble provenance. >>> 

NRF Expects Jewelry Sales to Rise 7% for Valentine’s Day 

By Rough&Polished                                              February 05, 2013        


The 2013 Valentine’s Day spending survey conducted by BIGinsight for the National Retail Federation (NRF) found only a slight overall increase in expected gift sales this year with the average buyer planning to spend $130.97, up from $126.03 in 2012, Rapaport reports.>>> 


Where Does the World Diamond Council Go From Here?  

By Rob Bates                                            JCK                                             Jan. 31, 2013   

It’s a journalistic clichĂ© to brand things the “end of an era,” but the resignation of Eli Izhakoff, who spent 13 years as the head of the World Diamond Council, really does represent a huge change for the industry. (Since I’ve gotten questions on this, I should note that Izhakoff’s decision to step down precedes the recent criticism of the WDC; he announced his resignation to his board at the WDC meeting in Vicenza last May.) >>>

Go Fund Yourself! 

By DANIELLE MAX                            Idex                     Jan. 31, 2013        


 It used to be that if you needed money for a project you either dug deep in your pockets or approached the bank for a loan. These days, some enterprising companies and individuals are bypassing the bank altogether and looking to you and me to help fund their projects.  >>> 

GemFind Diamond Link

Who’s Buying Antique Jewelry in NYC?

By Izzy Grinspan                           January 30, 2013              

If you’re looking for a pair of mid-century Cartier earrings, Benjamin Macklowe can help you out. His family’s business, The Macklowe Gallery, has been selling museum-quality 20th century antiques on Madison Avenue since 1971. >>> 

 Diamonds Make Guitar Smashing Too Expensive

By stonechicky                  Israeli Diamond Industry Blog                    February 04, 2013              

Back when I was but a wee lass, the most exciting moment of a musical performance was when the guitarist would end off the performance by smashing his or her guitar on stage. The Who’s Pete Townshend first popularized instrument destruction as musical expression back in the mid-1960s. >>> 

New Year’s Resolutions for the independent jeweler

By Bill Warren                          Southern Jewelry News                         February 01, 2013              

So, you’ve made it through yet another holiday season, paid the bills (hopefully), reviewed what worked and what didn’t and are ready for a fresh start in 2013!  Maybe you’ve had a wonderful season and wouldn’t change a thing for the coming year or perhaps you’re like a lot of jewelers I’ve talked with and are left scratching your head, wondering what to do for 2013.  Here are a few ideas:>>> 

GemFind’s New Ring Builder Increases Retail Jewelry Sales of Diamonds and Engagement Rings for Jewelry Retailers


The new 2013 version of GemFind’s popular Ring Builder® website tool for jewelry retailers and diamond dealers – has unique new features. The new Ring Builder® allows users to superimpose loose diamonds on to the ring that they are configuring online. This fully ecommerce capable web application is a must-have for all jewelry retailers and it is customizable providing seamless integration into any retail jeweler’s new or existing website with all the social sharing features. 


ring builder new

One of the highlight features of the new Ring Builder is that the consumer, while shopping on the local retail jeweler’s website, can virtually superimpose any one of 10 different shaped loose diamonds directly onto one of more than 400 prospective engagement ring styles from Unique Settings of New York. After the ring is virtually configured, the user can then select from tens of thousands of certified loose diamond being supplied from any number of diamond vendors within New settings and diamond suppliers will be continually added.


Call us today at 800-373-4373, for a free consultation and demonstration of GemFind’s customized website tools which are guaranteed to help you grow you business in a cost effective and consistent manner. 

Pictures of Super Bowl Rings 

By Carly Wickell,                    Guide                        Jan. 31, 2013    


It’s almost that time again – time for the Super Bowl. It would be bad luck for teams to look at potential ring designs now, but you can bet that ring companies are busy developing unique designs for both teams, and will present them to the winning team as soon as possible after the February 3rd game. >>> 

Are you ready for some ads?
By Michelle Graff                National Jeweler               January 29, 2013   

For me, the current NFL season drew to a pitiful close on Dec. 23, when Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw the interception that ultimately ended the Steelers season.Our loss to division rival Cincinnati that day eliminated us from playoff contention, effectively knocking us off the so-called Stairway to Seven and ending my interest in all things NFL for the remainder of the season. >>> 

Featured GemFind Designer

Facet Jewellery Solutions S.L. is a global operation. Our headquarters and design team are based in Barcelona. Our diamond purchasing company is based in Antwerp, with our own factory in India and a wide commercial network of agents working throughout Europe. Years of experience within the diamond and jewellery world allow us to manufacture high value jewels at a very competitive price. We pride ourselves on our personalized service and on our continuous efforts to keep abreast of changing fashions and ideas. 

How to Align your Website with your Business

By Kathleen Fealy                     Web Marketing Today                    February 04, 2013


Does your website represent your business? Businesses in various stages of maturity need to review how they present themselves to their targeted visitors and if they are consistent in their branding and style. >>> 

Skip Extraverts and Introverts. Hire Ambiverts.

By Sean Blanda                              OpenForum                                  Feb. 04, 2013   

Introverts think extraverts should just quiet down, already. While extraverts can’t quite understand why their introverted coworkers don’t speak up. The opposite work styles can cause unnecessary friction in the workplace as employees chose which working style better fits their demeanor. >>>

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