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December 12, 2012 Alex


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December 12, 2012


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De Beers Develops Device to Detect Synthetic Melee.
Taking Inventory.
Jeweler dazzles the diamond world
Pantone Reveals Color of the Year for 2013
5 Greatest Business Lessons Learned Through Failure
Senators Hope to Pass Online Sales Tax This Year
Diamonds in Their Eyes
When Bad Online Reviews Cost Business
Rosy Blue: Simply explained, the rough prices should reflect the
polished prices
4 Tips to Increase Christmas Sales
It’s the Crazy… I mean the Christmas Season


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We extend our best wishes for a Happy Hanukkah to all those celebrating this week.
 In jewelry stores across the country in-store events are taking place all
month.  Those who are employing social media to engage their customers before
the event will be rewarded with rich attendance and stronger business.  Consumers
want to buy local… and if you can reach out and touch them beforehand you give
them the comfort to come into your store.  We can’t wait to show you the results of
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Need more traffic to your website?

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De Beers Develops Device to Detect
Synthetic Melee

By Rob Bates                  
      December 10, 2012     


De Beers is developing a device that can detect whether smaller diamonds are lab-grown
or natural, executives said at a Nov. 30 briefing for Anglo American shareholders.”We
are working on an additional machine which is going to detect automatically very
small diamonds,” said CEO Philippe Mellier.


Taking Inventory

By Avi Krawitz   
                   Dec. 07,

It’s December, and diamond markets are eyeing inventory levels across the pipeline,
characteristically hopeful that the holiday season will sufficiently trigger stronger
buying in 2013. Stronger being a relative term as trading has been dulled by caution
throughout 2012.


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Jeweler dazzles the diamond world

            DEC. 05, 2012

Alfredo J. Molina is a man of many facets. He’s a tough and savvy jeweler hellbent
on joining Cartier, Tiffany and Harry Winston among the industry’s iconic names.
He’s a soft-hearted philanthropist who has given away millions.
a son of Cuba who fled after the revolution without so much as a change of clothes,
never mind any knowledge of English. >>> 

Pantone Reveals Color of the Year for 2013

By Jennifer Heebner              
Dec. 07, 2012

It’s been a jewel-tone hit on the red carpet for some time, and now emerald green
has officially taken hold of the fashion world given that PANTONE has dubbed it
the Color of the Year for 2013.The color authority, which surveys couture designers
regarding their fave collection hues each season, revealed its annual choice this
week, calling it “a lively, radiant, lush green.”

5 Greatest Business Lessons Learned
Through Failure

By Max Nisen       
Open Forum        
           Dec. 10, 2012

No one likes to admit they’ve failed. In business and in life, people are rewarded
and praised for success. But this eventually creates a culture where we don’t learn
from failure, and could end up repeating mistakes.>>> 

GemFind’s New Ring Builder Increases Retail Jewelry Sales of Diamonds and Engagement
Rings for Jewelry Retailers


The new 2012 version of GemFind’s popular Ring Builder® website tool for jewelry
retailers and diamond dealers – has unique new features. The new Ring Builder®
allows users to superimpose loose diamonds on to the ring that they are configuring
online. This fully ecommerce capable web application is a must-have for all jewelry
retailers and it is customizable providing seamless integration into any retail
jeweler’s new or existing website. 


ring builder new

One of the highlight features of the new Ring Builder is that the consumer,
while shopping on the local retail jeweler’s website, can virtually superimpose
any one of 10 different shaped loose diamonds directly onto one of more than 400
prospective engagement ring styles from Unique Settings of New York. After the ring
is virtually configured, the user can then select from tens of thousands of certified
loose diamond being supplied from any number of diamond vendors within
New settings and diamond suppliers will be continually added. more… 


Call us today at 800-373-4373, for a free consultation and demonstration of GemFind’s
customized website tools which are guaranteed to help you grow you business in a
cost effective and consistent manner. 

Senators Hope to Pass Online
Sales Tax This Year

Dec. 06, 2012       


wo prominent Senate supporters of “sales tax fairness”-which would require online
retailers to collect sales tax-said they hope to pass the measure this year.An effort
to add the measure to a defense authorization bill failed, reports say. But Senator
Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) told The Hill newspaper that his legislation
still has a chance of passage before the end of 2012. >>> 

Diamonds in Their Eyes 

By stonechicky        
           The Israeli Diamond Industry Blog
11, 2012


Forty years ago, there was an American television series called The Six Million
Dollar Man, in which an astronaut’s body is destroyed in an accident and then reconstructed
using mechanical parts, which give him super-strength, super-speed and super-senses.

When Bad Online Reviews Cost Business

By Lindsay LaVine   
              Dec.10, 2012

Negative online reviews can put a ding in your business’s reputation, but one
small-business owner has decided to sue a dissatisfied customer over negative statements
she made online. Christopher Dietz and his Washington, D.C.-based company, 

Featured GemFind Designer

Yoko is the most exclusive brand
supplied by Euro Pearls. Yoko only uses the highest quality AAA and AA pearls, with
VS quality diamonds for all their jewellery. The designs are spectacular and rich,
with a unique and elegant style that is both timeless and modern. Most of the pieces
in the Yoko Collection are handmade, and many, by the uniqueness of the pearl, are
one of a kind. Every piece in the Yoko collection is covered by international guarantee.
The philosophy behind Yoko is quite simply to make the pearl the star. 

Rosy Blue: Simply explained, the rough prices should reflect the polished

By Alex Shishlo               
, 2012   

Dilip Mehta, CEO of Rosy Blue, a long-time DTC sightholder and one of the world’s
largest diamond manufacturers having close relationships with all the major mining
houses, including De Beers and ALROSA, spoke about his company’s business in the
interview he gave to our correspondent in Brussels. >>> 

4 Tips to Increase Christmas Sales

By Susan Ward,                    Guide 
                 Dec. 09, 2012

In the spirit of the retail season, with only weeks to go until Christmas, I offer
these four Christmas sales tips to entice shoppers into your store (and out of the
big boxes). 1) Offer one big bargain a day. Offering big discounts (30% or more)
on some one well-known item each day to bring Christmas shoppers in can work for
you if you have well-known brand merchandise or particular items that people are
looking for. >>> 

The Retailer’s Perspective: It’s the Crazy… I mean the Christmas

By Chuck Koehler                           
                 Southern Jewelry News


Well, well, well, here we are once again at the most important time of the year
for the jewelry industry.  That time of the year that brings out
the best of the crazy in people.  That time of the year when normal
people decide to show their craziness right out in the open… usually in my store.


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