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July 31, 2012 Alex


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July 31, 2012


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Dilip Mehta: Fundamentals for the diamond industry remain strong.
L.A. Designer’s Jewelry Graces First Lady Obama at Buckingham Palace
Jewelry Trends 2012: 12 New Pieces With Pyrite.
7 Ways You’re Wasting Time and Don’t Even Know It
That Certain Sparkle: A Lighting Expert Reveals Common Mistakes
Jewelers Make
Why You Shouldn’t Buy New Followers For Your Business
Olympic melt session
Practice the Gem Cutter’s Magic: Faceting a Gemstone with a Pattern
Olympic Swimmer Wins Gold, Can’t Wear Diamonds
The Strategies of Marketing May Change, but the Rules Never Will
Social Media Impacts Search Marketing and Results


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I walked the JA Show in New York this week .. met with a few accounts… and generally
talked to a lot of people.  The vibe on all sides is that business people are
getting ready to make decisions on lots of new relationships.  That’s the key
word… Relationships.  Gone are the days of a retailer opening a new line
based soley on product, or a vendor opening an account just because he needs someone
in the area.  Today’s its about the big picture.. Its about partnering with
suppliers, retailers and service providers who deliver added value and who understand
that its about return in investment. Give us call at 800-373-4373
to learn about our new technology and digital marketing programs… We know what
it takes to be a great partner today.

Dilip Mehta: Fundamentals for the diamond industry remain strong. However,…

By Alex Shishlo                   
July 30, 2012     

Dilip Mehta, CEO of Rosy Blue, a long-time DTC sightholder and one of the world’s
largest diamond manufacturers having close relationships with all the major mining
houses, including De Beers and ALROSA, described the current state of the diamond
market in his interview to our correspondent in Brussels. >>> 

L.A. Designer’s
Jewelry Graces First Lady Obama at Buckingham Palace

By Azaara Inc.                     
           The Sacramento Bee
July 17, 2012      


On July 27th, 2012, Mrs. Obama was in London to attend opening ceremonies of the
2012 Summer Olympic Games. In a Heads of State dinner with Queen Elizabeth and Kate
Middleton at Buckingham Palace, all eyes were on the First Lady. >>>  

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Jewelry Trends 2012: 12 New Pieces
With Pyrite

By Jennifer Heebner             
             July 27, 2012     


The funky-looking metallic mineral found in cube or pyritohedral form in nature
has popped up in a multitude of jewelry collections this year. Pyrite, containing
iron disulfide, has been referred to as “fool’s gold” for its muted, sometimes brassy
hues, and can be used to make marcasite jewelry. >>> 


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7 Ways You’re
Wasting Time and Don’t Even Know It

By Jane Porter              
July 30, 2012 


Fourteen months after starting her own insurance agency, Dawn Berry found herself
surrounded by stacks of paper. Her inbox was brimming with more than 500 emails
that needed to be answered or trashed. And just finding a pen on her cluttered desk
became a challenge.

That Certain Sparkle: A Lighting Expert Reveals Common Mistakes
Jewelers Make When Illuminating Their Cases

Emili Vesilind                                  
July 26, 2012   


Vijay Paul, general manager for Miami-based jewelry lighting company Lighting 4
Diamonds, is weary of seeing colorless diamonds rendered canary yellow under outdated
lighting systems. But what, when it comes to lighting, is considered outdated? We
picked Paul’s brain for some common mistakes and contemporary tips when it comes
to in-case illumination. >>>  


GemFind’s New Ring Builder Increases Retail Jewelry Sales of Diamonds and Engagement
Rings for Jewelry Retailers


The new 2012 version of GemFind’s popular Ring Builder® website tool for jewelry
retailers and diamond dealers – has unique new features. The new Ring Builder®
allows users to superimpose loose diamonds on to the ring that they are configuring
online. This fully ecommerce capable web application is a must-have for all jewelry
retailers and it is customizable providing seamless integration into any retail
jeweler’s new or existing website. 


ring builder new

One of the highlight features of the new Ring Builder is that the consumer,
while shopping on the local retail jeweler’s website, can virtually superimpose
any one of 10 different shaped loose diamonds directly onto one of more than 400
prospective engagement ring styles from Unique Settings of New York. After the ring
is virtually configured, the user can then select from tens of thousands of certified
loose diamond being supplied from any number of diamond vendors within
New settings and diamond suppliers will be continually added. more… 


Call us today at 800-373-4373, for a free consultation and demonstration of GemFind’s
customized website tools which are guaranteed to help you grow you business in a
cost effective and consistent manner. 

Why You Shouldn’t Buy New Followers
For Your Business

By Samantha Cortez 
        July 30, 2012      


Having a lot of fans and followers via Facebook, Twitter and other social media
platforms looks good for business, and many companies are desperate to appear this
way to the public. Did you know there’s an easy way to gain these followers? You
can purchase them. >>> 

Olympic melt session
By Michelle
National Jeweler                   
          July 25, 2012

On my trip to
London last month, I learned an interesting piece of Olympic history, one that I
thought would be good to share as the Summer Games kick off this Friday in London.
So, here’s my trivia question: The last Olympic Games that utilized solid gold medals
was held when?

Featured GemFind Designer

Charles Garnier burst on the scene
in 1901 with is enticing designs and craftsmanship. It is already a far famed name
in the world of jewelry. Charles Garnier jewelry has not only carved a niche for
itself, but has also been able to sustain and grow that niche over a period of 100
years. Rather than running after fame, reputation and glamour, Garnier decided to
provide the best quality jewelry.

Practice the Gem Cutter’s Magic: Faceting a Gemstone with a Pattern

By TammyJone               
                  Jewelry Making Daily
              July 30, 2012  


Do you have a favorite stone cut? I’ve always been a fan of the simple understated
elegance of the emerald cut, but the magpie in me loves a sparkly round brilliant
just as much. I’m continually amazed at all the specialty cuts and unique designs
that award-winning gem cutters like John Dyer and Jim Perkins use to transform stones
into color and light. >>> 

Olympic Swimmer Wins Gold, Can’t
Wear Diamonds

By stonechicky         
               The Israeli Diamond
Industry Blog          
        July 30, 2012

To prevent any possible act of spontaneous fun during the 2012 Summer Olympic
Competitions in London, England, the prim-and-proper Brits have gone to absurd lengths
to regulate activities in the city for the duration of the games.


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Need more traffic to your website?

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You could have the most beautiful website
with all the products in the world, but if you have limited visitors, its not going
to do any good. 
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The Strategies of Marketing May Change, but the Rules Never Will
By Daniel Ford                                  
July 28, 2012 

On July 9, I blogged about jewelry advertising dos and don’ts that originally ran
in the January 1984 issue of JCK. I posed the question: Is any of the 28-year-old
marketing advice still relevant to the modern jeweler? Nate Davidson, a luxury brand
strategist for Facet Marketing Group, came up with some answers.

Social Media Impacts Search Marketing and Results
By Laura Lake                                                    Guide

Social media marketing is all the craze and much like the internet it’s not going
away anytime soon. As a matter of fact last week a study was released by Searchmetrics
that shared their findings on exhaustive research of 10,000 selected top keywords,
300,000 websites and millions of links, shares and tweets.

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