Every Jewelry Retailer’s Secret Weapon to Increase Sales

November 10, 2017
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Every Jewelry Retailer’s Secret Weapon to Increase Sales

November 10, 2017 GemFind

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Jewelry sales have been booming to become a $70 billion industry. There is no shortage of demand; however, with the increase in demand, there is also an increase in competition. So if “growing my jewelry business” is on your agenda, here is best to devise a marketing strategy based on a combination of the latest marketing trends, as well as software for jewelry.

Study Jewelry Business Trends

The internet makes it easy to research jewelry trends by visiting authoritative sites like JCK, Rapaport, International Diamond Exchange (IDEX) and National Jeweler. Studying industry statistics will help you stay updated and shape your marketing ideas.

Between 2013 and 2017 sales of women’s fashion and bridge jewelry nearly doubled in the United States to over $20 billion. You can use this industry research to compare with your own customer feedback to gauge demand in your market. Here are other recent waves that are mesmerizing consumers to consider for formulating your marketing strategies:

  • fine jewelry and fine watches
  • concierge jewelry
  • customization
  • website sophistication
  • catering to mobile users
  • jewelry that never goes out of stock

The Secret Weapon

So here it is, the secret weapon to increasing sales. Drum roll please!…It’s web design and digital marketing! Now before you click away, let us enlighten you on how that can help you increase your sales.

A new website is the first step to targeting a whole new market that exists online. Through a new website, you will be able to reach that market through social media, Google Adwords, and email blasts. Not only is the online audience a new market, but it is currently the biggest market. This exactly where your sales will come from. And so in order to target them, you can host an Instagram giveaway that will help you reach a big market through an enticing offer, and then attract potential customers who you would be interested in your products.


The online jewelry business is hotter than ever, but in order to stay ahead of the competition you need to step up your marketing strategies, moreover, your digital marketing strategies. Contact GemFind to help you build a more powerful interactive website designed to increase sales.


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