Tips For Creating a Successful LinkedIn Page

September 30, 2016
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Tips For Creating a Successful LinkedIn Page

September 30, 2016 GemFind Marketing


As a professional social media network, LinkedIn is a great site for building a list of business contacts and B2B marketing. LinkedIn presents itself as a serious platform for people determined to expand their reach within their respective fields, which makes for a great networking site.

Social media marketing works here just as it does on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram — you just need a different tactic to make it fit the audience. If you do it right, you can successfully market yourself and luxury jewelry products on LinkedIn. After all, the jewelry-buying demographic intersects with the LinkedIn-using demographic.

Given that, here are things you should avoid when establishing your LinkedIn page:

  • Sloppy copy — To establish your store as a legitimate source for purchasing fine jewelry, your page should look professional with all fields duly filled out. Also, your copy should be well-written, so look out for those grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Outdated updates — If your page’s most recent update was posted early last year, visitors would wonder whether or not your store is still open for business. Some wouldn’t bother to check and just head to a competitor with a stronger online presence. That’s because people check out establishments on the internet first so as not to waste their time.
  • Missed connections — Social media marketing is not about creating good content then waiting for visitors to flock. It’s also about creating good content that reaches your targeted audience and listens to what they have to say.
  • Not Joining Groups — The good thing with LinkedIn is that you can easily search for and connect with people and groups. Groups can increase not only your awareness within your market but help you make new and promising connections within your area. This feature is free to an extent, so failing to use it is a big mistake.

Establishing an online presence can be scary, but it is essential if you want to tap into the majority of today’s consumers. We at GemFind have a whole team devoted to helping you not only grow your online presence but increase your online and in-store sales. Ask us for a free consultation today.


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