Endless Jewelry Implements GemFind’s JewelCloud Catalog

February 25, 2015

Endless Jewelry Implements GemFind’s JewelCloud Catalog

February 25, 2015 Alex

Endless Jewelry, the fastest growing brand in the jewelry industry today, expands its presence by offering its entire collection on JewelCloud. GemFind’s turnkey platform allows vendors to display their products into their authorized retailers’ website and Facebook pages, which then generates sales and leads for retailers.

Endless Jewelry

The fastest growing brand in the jewelry industry, Endless Jewelry, has implemented their products and digital assets in the JewelCloud platform. This allows Endless Jewelry to expand their brand presence by letting existing retailers easily integrate the product line within their own website. It also helps Endless Jewelry keep in touch with retailers through JewelCloud’s user-friendly dashboard interface that is easily kept updated with the latest product lines.

“JewelCloud is a great tool for connecting with existing retailers as well as for finding new prospects,” said Meghan Pearson, Endless Jewelry’s Marketing Manager. “It is a very user-friendly system, easily updated as new lines are introduced, ensuring that our customers have access to all current collections. Best of all, our customers truly enjoy having an interface that allows them to begin easily and quickly selling online,” concluded Pearson.

The JewelCloud Catalog web application installs into the retailer’s current website. Product photos and details are streamed and all can be changed in real-time. Enjoying multiple benefits, vendors like Endless Jewelry control how digital assets are shared, automate price changes, invite stores to connect to them and invite sales reps to manage leads and make appointments.

Visit here for more information on GemFind’s JewelCloud Catalog. Visit www.endlessjewelry.us for more information on Endless Jewelry.


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